Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just for the guys!

The summer is, sadly, drawing to a close and it's back to the office for most of the "guys of summer." That means trading up the campsite for the boardroom, the firepit for the water cooler—and for looking better groomed.

As more and more men discover the rejuvenating experience a visit to Spa Utopia brings, we have concentrated our efforts into creating a male-friendly and compatible environment.

And we'd love you to experience all we have to offer!

Most men tell us that they'd love to look a little fresher and more youthful. Also, that they'd like a manicure but are unsure of just where to start. With these concerns in mind, we've created a Spa Utopia special offer just for guys...

Here's what you'll experience:

75 minute Age Performer Facial reg. $152.
During this treatment, we'll encourage a more youthful appearance by stimulating your skin with alphahydroxy acids to bring younger, stronger, more healthy skin cells to the surface.

Nail Grooming for Hands reg. $63
During this treatment, your hands receive all the necessary care. Your nails and cuticles will be detailed perfectly and a hydrating lotion will restore needed moisture to "campfire skin."

Total $215. (plus tax)

Our special price: $139.75 (plus tax)  A savings of 35%!

Plus a $10 voucher toward a hair service at any Spa Utopia Salon.

If you are a guy (or know a guy) who would love a little attention to his appearance before returning to the more serious business of Fall, please watch out for our Tuesday morning eBlast!


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Spa Utopia Back-to-School Girl Special

This September, give that special young woman in your life a boost of confidence before she hits the books again! 

Spa Utopia's Utopia Teens package is the ultimate confidence-booster for the back-to-school girl—ensuring she looks her very best for the important days that mark the beginning of the school year.

This special package consists of a Spa Utopia Designed for U Facial, a Classic Express Manicure, and a Professional Eyebrow Shaping that will give her those enviable brows enjoyed by her favourite celebrity.

Eyebrow Shaping at Spa Utopia
We view proper eyebrow shaping as both a science and an art! Most people's eyebrows are not identical to each other, making them difficult to properly tweeze or wax.  Most young women start out shaping their brows with tweezers and, because of the disparity in shape or volume, end up over-tweezing one brow. This results in difficulty evening the brows out and one or both frequently end up too thin and/or sparse-looking.

A Spa Utopia professional can create a brow shape that will frame the eyes and compliment the shape of the face.  Once the brows  have been professionally shaped using tweezing and waxing, maintenance should be easy (although it is recommended to return every three months or thereabouts to freshen them up again). We use wax during the shaping process to remove the fine hairs around the brows that are visible in sunlight. This ensures a finished, well-groomed look.
Of course, you don't have to be a teen to take advantage of this very special offer. It is available for anyone to enjoy...

Our Utopia Teens Package Special
The package consists of:

• one 50-minute Designed for U Facial
• one 50-minute Classic Express Manicure
• one Professional Eyebrow Shaping

The regular price of this package is $187 plus taxes.
Buy it today and you'll pay only $120 plus taxes
(represents a savings of approx. 35%). This pricing includes $10 towards any Spa Utopia Salon service.

Our exclusive offer will expire at midnight, August 11. By joining our mailing list you can receive up to 50% off select spa treatments, packages and more! Sign up today at www.spautopia.com