Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Festive Season is oh so close!

Is it really less than a month 'til Christmas? Are we really just a week or so away from party time, with its strappy sandals, skin-skimming dresses and on-display nails? As daunting as that thought might be, it's true—and so it's time to start shaping up, sprucing up and putting on the Ritz! This pre-holiday season, Spa Utopia has lots to offer to help you prepare for party time. Here are a few suggestions. (And don't forget how much you'll enjoy sipping our signature Rooibos Cocktail in your fluffy white bath robe, instead of all that dashing through the snow!)

Universal Contour Wrap

The Universal™ Contour Wrap is the inch loss treatment that guarantees you will lose at least 6 inches in just two hours, or have nothing to pay. (And, provided that you do not gain weight, you'll sustain a minimum 6" loss for at least 30 days, or receive a free treatment.) This makes this treatment perfect when you have to shape up for that important holiday event! Best of all, the wrap does not rely on water loss to achieve its amazing results. 

News Flash! This week, we are offering special pricing for the Universal™ Contour Wrap.

The regular price for this spa treatment is
$239. ( plus taxes )

Buy it today & you'll pay only
$155.35( plus taxes )

(That's a saving of 35%!)

This special offer is only available online until Midnight Thurs. Dec. 01, 2011

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While wrapped you'll also enjoy a relaxing facial cleanse, exfoliation and massage for the face as well as a soothing scalp massage!

Since this wrap is particularly popular just before the summer and before the Festive Season, we'd suggest you call as soon as possible to book. Then look forward to slipping easily into your party dress, with a little space to spare...  you can read more about the Universal™ Contour Wrap here.

Smile FX Teeth Whitening

A whiter, brighter smile is an instant uplift and the perfect way to create an impression. White teeth make you appear younger and healthier, and feel more confident. Having the service at Spa Utopia offers the additional benefit of feeling completely cosseted as you do so.

Smile FX utilizes revolutionary cool blue light technology to whiten teeth faster and deeper. It is safe for tooth enamel and the #1 choice for people with tooth sensitivity. Convenient and easy to maintain, your first treatment comprises three comfortable sessions of just 15 minutes each. (If you want to maintain your sparkling white smile, you will need a touch-up treatment every two to six months.) You can read more about Smile FX Teeth Whitening here.

St. Tropez Spray Tan

While no one expects you to turn up to the office "do" in a bikini, you can still rock a faux tan as the snow falls. (Or perhaps you're off for a winter sun break, and would like to step off the plane with a splash of colour...) Either way, we can make it happen, with a St. Tropez professional spray tan.

The 15-minute full body procedure applies the special St. Tropez Tan formulation for a rich, natural-looking glow. The spray tan is applied by a trained Spa Utopia technician, for the most natural-looking result possible, without the risk of burning or the threat of dry, aged skin. You can read more about St. Tropez Spray Tan here.

Orly Gel FX™ Manicure (New!)

New at Spa Utopia, Orly Gel FX™ is no ordinary gel manicure system. The 3-in-1 Cleanser, Primer and Basecoat are power packed with a vitamin infusion. This revolutionary formula infuses nails with healthy ingredients for durability, strength and shine.

The gel is applied like a nail polish and lasts up to two weeks. Antioxidant vitamins A and E help to promote strong nails while provitamin B5 protects the structure of the natural nail. Curing is fast (just 30 seconds) and uses an LED light system, not UV. Gel FX™ is free from DBP, formaldehyde and toluene. You can read more about Gel FX™ application here.

SpaRitual® Vegan Nail Lacquers 

An application of SpaRitual® Nail Lacquer after your Spa Utopia manicure or pedicure allows you to completely indulge your senses! Colour has the physiological power to soothe or seduce, nurture or ignite. By fusing the disciplines of colour therapy and numerology, SpaRitual® has designed a lush, shimmering palette of nail lacquers in a range of four dynamic harmonies. Each shade is associated with a unique message or meaning and numerological value. SpaRitual® colour experts have carefully hand-blended each hue for superior shine, dry time and coverage.

These exceptional lacquers are vegan and free from DBP, formaldehyde and toluene. (Hint: we LOVE the reds!) And here's a little incentive for you - purchase any SpaRituals® product from Spa Utopia and receive a FREE mini polish, while supplies last. You can read more about our Hand and Foot treatments here.

A New Spa Utopia and Salon Hair Style

What could make you feel more special, or your grand entrance more dramatic, than a fabulous "do" by one of our talented hair designers? If you really want to add oomph (and incorporate an instant facelift), consider an updo. Whether you want to channel Audrey Hepburn, or prefer a few loose ends, we've got you covered! And if you're not into updos, then an expert blow-dry will have you looking like the star you know yourself to be. Please call your local Spa Utopia salon to book an appointment.

Professional Makeup Application

Nothing makes a girl (of any age) feel more confident than having her makeup applied professionally. So this year, before that big event, why not book a professional makeup application at Spa Utopia? Especially popular after a cut and style, professionally applied makeup really does give you the edge, particularly if the shutterbugs (or Blackberry clickers) are in attendance. You can read more about our Professional Makeup Application services here.

So go rock your stuff and knock them dead, Party Girl... we'll be behind you every (perfectly pedicured) step of the way!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

We all need a little tranquility!

We all need a little tranquility in our lives, don't we? Especially when the shop windows are filling with holiday displays and we are reminded that there are only a few more weeks until the Big Day.
Studies show that the winter holiday season—and the weeks leading up to it—are the most stressful time of year. While most of us enjoy the holidays, few enjoy the running about associated with them, and find that much of the lead-up is one big headache. Stress, as we all know, is bad for both our hearts and souls, aging us beyond our years, and generally making life a drudge instead of the pleasure it was meant to be.

Although not a complete remedy for stress (which really depends on how well we react to the things that bother us), taking the time for ourselves on a regular basis can provide a sensation of anticipation and relaxation, which can help us control our responses to the stressors in our lives.

Perhaps one of the best de-stressors Spa Utopia has to offer, is our aptly-named Tranquility Wrap!  This cocooning body treatment utilizes a unique oil-based formula with amaranth, rose, vanilla, cedar, palmarosa and orange, to encourage a deep sense of relaxation. This serene wrap both nourishes and protects the skin, leaving it supple and silky soft. The 70-minute treatment includes a facial cleanse and mask designed to prolong your pleasure and ensure you feel "personally pampered" from head to toe.

Please scroll to the end to learn about our current Tranquility special:

About the oils used in our Tranquility Wrap (and how you'll benefit from their use):


Amaranth oil is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and is deeply soothing to the skin.


Rose oil has an uplifting, lightly astringent effect on the skin, making it feel soft and refreshed.


Vanilla oil is both brightening and relaxing, both in skincare and aromatherapy.


Cedar oil is astringent and soothing for the skin, and has mild antiseptic properties.


Palmarosa oil has regenerating qualities as well as helping the skin heal, and become blemish-free.


Oil of orange is both relaxing in aromatherapy and lightly bracing for the skin.

Become more tranquil!

Reg. price for our Tranquility Wrap is $137. ( plus HST)

Now specially priced at just $89.05 (plus HST)

...a savings of 35%!

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This offer ends at midnight Thurs. Nov. 17th, 2011

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Spa Utopia Salon Director James Riyad at Davines' World Wide Hair Tour

For Spa Utopia Salon Director, James Riyad, placing in the prestigious Davines' World Wide Hair Tour has been a longterm ambition fuelled by his passion for contemporary hair design. Among other events, the 2012 Hair Tour will feature 10 top stylists selected from thousands of talented contenders, who will compete for the title of top stylist in the World Style Contest. James has been selected as one of those 10 whose talents will be featured on the "big stage."

This is not the first time that James has entered the competition. He entered seven years ago and two years ago, both times placing first regionally.

"This year, I was determined to go the distance," he says. "Failure is not an option." (While no one would agree that placing first in the regional component was a failure, James' determination and ever- growing talent is a mark of what it takes to excel in today's highly competitive world of hair design.)

Competing in the Davine's World Wide Hair Tour requires an understanding of what hair styles best capture the essence of today's fashionable woman. James submitted four photos of Keana, his model and muse, her hair, clothing and makeup reflective of what he envisions as the spirit of contemporary womanhood. He was also required to submit a video of himself creating the style, and an explanation of what formed his inspiration.

James spent a whole year brainstorming  ideas and putting together vision boards of what he wanted to achieve. After many, many meetings with his clothes stylist (Leila Bani), photographer (Greg Swales) and makeup artist (Spa Utopia's own Cheryl Sawyer), everything fell perfectly into place. The style and images are part of a collection created exclusively by James, called BAL:USION -  a fusion of the disciplined movement and shapes of ballet and the freer, more playful imagery of clowns. (When James participates in the final during January 2012, he will present a completely different look—one that represents the essence of today's "Davines' woman.")

James Riyad

The Davine's World Hair Tour, 2012, will be held at the Fillmore, Miami Beach (Jackie Gleason Theatre) from January 8 - 11. Spa Utopia congratulates James on his participation and wishes him the very best!

And what about you?  Fall is a time for change - just ask Mother Nature. It's a time when colour comes to the fore and hair styles take on a newer, crisper look after the more casual vibe of summer.

Fall is a great time for CHANGE. Maybe it's time for a new colour, a new cut, a new stylist, a NEW YOU!

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