Monday, April 26, 2010

Spa Utopia Spring Specials for guests of the Pan Pacific Hotel

Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall...Celebrate each new season Spa Style!

If you're a guest of the Pan Pacific Hotel, Vancouver, you'll be pleased to know that Spa Utopia is now offering the Spring Seasonal Special — the first of four exclusives for registered hotel guests. For the remainder of April, May and June, hotel guests booking a 75-minute facial will be able to save 20 percent on an FX Smile Whitening session. (You can read more about this innovative natural whitening treatment here.)

Spa Utopia 75-minute facials include the following:

Utopia Signature: A deeply relaxing and stress-relieving facial using gentle manipulations with heated gemstones. The gentle strokes improve circulation and create a sense of balance, soothing and relaxing your whole body.

Delicate Skin Rejuvenator: Sensitive, fragile skins benefit greatly from this exclusive treatment. Your skin will be soothed and strengthened with echium oil and "heat shock protein" technology, which helps the cells function in a healthier manner. This treatment also alleviates redness. Included is a soothing hand mask.

Hydramemory: This treatment counteracts the aging process by keeping your skin hydrated and nourished. Hydramemory products promote elasticity and smoothness, while infusing your skin with hydration for a radiant and youthful glow. You will also enjoy a Hydramemory hand mask.

Luminous Glow: This brightening facial helps reduce skin discolourations by balancing hyperpigmentation. Active ingredients protect your skin from free radical action and reoxygenate your tissues to give your skin a luminous glow. Included is a brightening hand mask.

(For a nominal extra fee per treatment, you may add the Eye Supreme Treatment, Lip Blooming Treatment or Glycolic Acid Peel to your facial.)

Please note that this special offer is reserved for Pan Pacific registered hotel guests only. Guests must mention the offer at time of booking. Offer valid only at Spa Utopia at the Pan Pacific and cannot be combined with any other offer.

Not a guest of the Pan Pacific? Not to worry! You too can share in Spa Utopia springtime fun. From April 26 to May 2, our Facebook Fans will receive a free 6 oz Spa Utopia Natural Silhouette Cream (a $30 value) when booking a 75-minute facial or body wrap. The service must be booked and received within this one-week period and you will be requested to provide the code posted on Facebook at the time of booking. (Some restrictions apply.)

Spa Utopia Natural Silhouette Cream with Pure Essential Oils is 100 percent organic and contains both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory factors. It can effectively reduce the appearance of cellulite by increasing the flow of blood and encouraging the removal of toxins. Your skin will feel more firm and supple and, with repeated use, will continue to improve...

For more details on Spa Utopia Seasonal Specials for Pan Pacific Hotel Guests, please visit our website.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Restore the soul with our VIP Suite exclusive offer...

If you haven't experienced the luxury of a spa treatment in one of Spa Utopia's beautifully appointed VIP Suites, then you may need to!  Researchers into happiness and well-being understand that the simple act of sharing with a friend or loved one nurtures the human psyche in ways we do not fully understand. What we do know is that endorphin levels are elevated, and stress levels reduced, with benefits that last beyond the actual experience. It is why people with close friends experience better health, and why a loving social circle helps the elderly live longer and more productively.

While spa treatments are, of course, a luxury, it is a luxury we all need from time to time to restore the self and remind us that our bodies are the temples of our souls. The harder we work and the more complicated our lives, the more vital true relaxation becomes. To help you satisfy this need, for a limited period, Spa Utopia is making it possible for you to spend time with someone special in one of our VIP suites. From April 19th to 25th, 2010, if you book two 50 minute facials and/or two 50 minute side-by-side massages, you will receive a complimentary VIP upgrade (a $200 value). Space is limited and based on availability, so you will need to book early. Your VIP upgrade will include use of a private VIP Suite with fireplace and heated floor, a private Jacuzzi bath for two, waterfall shower, in-suite services provided by a personal hostess, champagne, and a fabulous fruit dip platter for you and someone special to enjoy in your exclusive dining area. Of course, you are also encouraged to slip into a fluffy white bathrobe and sip a signature rooibos cocktail in our welcoming lounge, as part of Spa Utopia's guided relaxation experience...

This offer is valid only at the Vancouver Pan Pacific and North Vancouver locations. For further information, or to book your VIP Suite, please call your local Spa Utopia. You can read more about our VIP suites and special offers here.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Spa Utopia's Signature and Hot Stone Massages

This week, we are featuring a special on the Utopia Hot Stone Massage and Utopia Signature Massage (which features a hot stone component).

These popular massages never fail to please spa guests, who leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated in both body and spirit.

Here's what you will enjoy:

Utopia™ Signature Massage
Available only at Spa Utopia, our Utopia Signature Massage comprises 75 minutes of pure bliss. Warm towels, hot stones made from natural basalt (a volcanic rock), gentle, soothing hands and a unique foot massage with rich shea butter are just a few of the pleasures awaiting you!  To further your pleasure and relaxation you may choose to use an aromatic oil. (Since many guests prefer a non-scented oil, we offer both.)

Utopia™ Hot Stone Massage
No longer just for the adventurous, the 75-minute Utopia Hot Stone Massage induces deep relaxation as the natural basalt stones are strategically placed on your body. Slip into peace and tranquility as your skilled therapist masterfully combines the warmed stones with gentle strokes to relax tense muscles and warm you to the core...

The use of hot stones as a thermal agent for therapeutic purposes dates back to Ayurvedic (Indian traditional) medicine, well over 5000 years ago. In Ayurveda and other traditional medicines, warmed stones are used as a source of healing energy, as they are believed to balance the chakras or energy centres and draw negativity from the body.

At Spa Utopia, the heated stones are first applied to strategic areas of the body associated with the chakras. The body is then systematically massaged with a heated stone. As with the Utopia Signature Massage, you may choose to be massaged with an aromatic oil, or one that is unscented.

At the conclusion of your Utopia Hot Stone Massage, you will feel deeply relaxed, yet energized, and ready to fully embrace the day ahead.

For further information, or to book a treatment, please call your local Spa Utopia. You can read more about our massage treatments here.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Salon reopens at Spa Utopia's Pan Pacific location

Back by popular demand is Spa Utopia's salon at the Pan Pacific location. Although closed for a period to meet the increasing demand for spa services, spa clients soon let us know how much they missed the very special talents of our designers, and the unmatched luxury of the setting.

The salon reopens Monday, April 5, and promises to provide an even more enjoyable experience than previously offered.

All Spa Utopia salon hair designers are certified professionals who recognize that spa clients are seeking a look that sets them apart and reflects their personality in an authentic way. Before he or she is able to provide you with salon services, the designer will have completed Spa Utopia's extensive in-house training in advanced cutting and colour/chemical technique. Each designer is also committed to taking part in industry advanced colouring/chemical and cutting/design classes held within and outside of the salon.

Since Spa Utopia clients expect the very latest in colour, cut and design, Spa Utopia hair designers bring knowledge and expertise from the fashion capitals of the world, including New York, London, Toronto, Miami and Los Angeles. We stay on the cutting edge through photo shoots and competions, both nationally and internationally. As a result, our reputation has earned us the right to teach other stylists "the Utopia difference" during international seminars, hair shows and at Utopia Academy. (Please stay tuned to this blog, where we will soon introduce our designers...)

We warmly welcome you to experience the excellence of our reopened Pan Pacific salon, or the salons in the Langley and North Vancouver locations. Let our experience and expertise bring you the authentic style that tells the world who you are, and reflects the specific needs of your unique lifestyle.

To lean more about individual Spa Utopia salon services, please click here.

All hair services, except Deep Conditioning and Hair and Scalp Treatments, include consultation, scalp massage, styling tips, blow-dry, and a make-up touch up, if desired.