Tuesday, December 13, 2011

'Tis the season to be stressing...

Spa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-lah!  OK, that’s a little overdone, but we hope we help out a little with all that bad-for-you stress that inevitably accompanies all the seasonal festivities and fun.
At this time of year, while pretending to not be listening to the riveting gossip at office parties and various soirées, it’s not that hard to hear someone suddenly shriek, “OMG I forgot Aunt Alice!” or “What in heaven’s name can I buy my sister that she doesn’t already have three of?”  We are pleased to tell you that we have a host of last-minute gift ideas that will look like you’ve been planning assiduously for a very long time.

But back to that stress...

We all know that stress ages us and contributes to the development of a number of diseases, as well as wrinkles and prematurely greying hair.  So anything we can do to reduce that stress is a good idea, for our bodies, minds and souls.  
Here are a few suggestions:

        Don’t forget to “gift” yourself with a Spa Utopia treatment.  Snuggle into a fluffy white robe, sip our signature Rooibos Cocktail and happily await your massage or pedi. (And ponder on all the good you are doing yourself and others by de-stressing...)

   After your treatment, wander around our Spa Shop and see how we can fill in the gaps in gift-giving.  We have Bra Bags and Panty Paks for the special women in your life, must-have skincare, and cosmetic items, Warm Buddies for children (as well as adults) on your still-to-buy-for list and a host of items for the guys, including our supersoft Signature Bath Robe (available in adult, child and king sizes).  And for the really, really tough to buy for? Just ask for a Spa Utopia Gift Card—perfect for gift giving in its festive red envelope. Here are a few more suggestions for stand-alone gifts or well-priced stocking stuffers:

• Jane Iredale Chocoholics four lipgloss gift set - (Blood Orange, Very Berry, Espresso and Chili Pepper) • SpaRitual® vegan nail lacquers in a variety of gorgeous colours and finishes • Get Naked Massage Oils with ylang ylang & patchouli or horny goat extract • All natural Spa Utopia soaps in green apple, coconut, lavender and lemongrass • Spa Utopia soy candles, beautifully scented for every mood, in Dawn, Reaffirmation, Perpetual Rise or Elevate • Spa Utopia Canadian Therapeutic Mineral Salts.


   When the weather turns dreary, it’s easy to want to stay inside. This isn’t a good idea. Walking in the rain, provided you are suitably attired, is a great de-stresser and great for the skin. (Not so for your hair? Then make sure you cover your locks inside some snappy headgear.) Breathe deeply and think how fortunate you are to be living in the midst of a real rain forest. Remember too that keeping physically active will ward off seasonal weight-gain.

 •  De-stress at home in a Spa Utopia Pine Mud Bath (the 32 oz size is currently 50% off at all Spa Utopia locations). This fabulous formula draws toxins from your skin and smells utterly dreamy!
  Make sure you get enough sleep. Partying into the wee hours plays havoc with your skin and your sanity. Remember that to properly process alcohol, your body needs twice as much water, so sip away at the sparkling H20 between those glasses of Chardonnay.

•  Finally, think of others who may not be so fortunate as to receive any gifts this year. Giving charitably is not only good for the recipient, but also the giver. (Yes, we hate to belabour the "studies say" angle, but studies do indeed say that giving to those in need boosts the immune system in ways we don't yet understand.)        


Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Festive Season is oh so close!

Is it really less than a month 'til Christmas? Are we really just a week or so away from party time, with its strappy sandals, skin-skimming dresses and on-display nails? As daunting as that thought might be, it's true—and so it's time to start shaping up, sprucing up and putting on the Ritz! This pre-holiday season, Spa Utopia has lots to offer to help you prepare for party time. Here are a few suggestions. (And don't forget how much you'll enjoy sipping our signature Rooibos Cocktail in your fluffy white bath robe, instead of all that dashing through the snow!)

Universal Contour Wrap

The Universal™ Contour Wrap is the inch loss treatment that guarantees you will lose at least 6 inches in just two hours, or have nothing to pay. (And, provided that you do not gain weight, you'll sustain a minimum 6" loss for at least 30 days, or receive a free treatment.) This makes this treatment perfect when you have to shape up for that important holiday event! Best of all, the wrap does not rely on water loss to achieve its amazing results. 

News Flash! This week, we are offering special pricing for the Universal™ Contour Wrap.

The regular price for this spa treatment is
$239. ( plus taxes )

Buy it today & you'll pay only
$155.35( plus taxes )

(That's a saving of 35%!)

This special offer is only available online until Midnight Thurs. Dec. 01, 2011

Buy here.

While wrapped you'll also enjoy a relaxing facial cleanse, exfoliation and massage for the face as well as a soothing scalp massage!

Since this wrap is particularly popular just before the summer and before the Festive Season, we'd suggest you call as soon as possible to book. Then look forward to slipping easily into your party dress, with a little space to spare...  you can read more about the Universal™ Contour Wrap here.

Smile FX Teeth Whitening

A whiter, brighter smile is an instant uplift and the perfect way to create an impression. White teeth make you appear younger and healthier, and feel more confident. Having the service at Spa Utopia offers the additional benefit of feeling completely cosseted as you do so.

Smile FX utilizes revolutionary cool blue light technology to whiten teeth faster and deeper. It is safe for tooth enamel and the #1 choice for people with tooth sensitivity. Convenient and easy to maintain, your first treatment comprises three comfortable sessions of just 15 minutes each. (If you want to maintain your sparkling white smile, you will need a touch-up treatment every two to six months.) You can read more about Smile FX Teeth Whitening here.

St. Tropez Spray Tan

While no one expects you to turn up to the office "do" in a bikini, you can still rock a faux tan as the snow falls. (Or perhaps you're off for a winter sun break, and would like to step off the plane with a splash of colour...) Either way, we can make it happen, with a St. Tropez professional spray tan.

The 15-minute full body procedure applies the special St. Tropez Tan formulation for a rich, natural-looking glow. The spray tan is applied by a trained Spa Utopia technician, for the most natural-looking result possible, without the risk of burning or the threat of dry, aged skin. You can read more about St. Tropez Spray Tan here.

Orly Gel FX™ Manicure (New!)

New at Spa Utopia, Orly Gel FX™ is no ordinary gel manicure system. The 3-in-1 Cleanser, Primer and Basecoat are power packed with a vitamin infusion. This revolutionary formula infuses nails with healthy ingredients for durability, strength and shine.

The gel is applied like a nail polish and lasts up to two weeks. Antioxidant vitamins A and E help to promote strong nails while provitamin B5 protects the structure of the natural nail. Curing is fast (just 30 seconds) and uses an LED light system, not UV. Gel FX™ is free from DBP, formaldehyde and toluene. You can read more about Gel FX™ application here.

SpaRitual® Vegan Nail Lacquers 

An application of SpaRitual® Nail Lacquer after your Spa Utopia manicure or pedicure allows you to completely indulge your senses! Colour has the physiological power to soothe or seduce, nurture or ignite. By fusing the disciplines of colour therapy and numerology, SpaRitual® has designed a lush, shimmering palette of nail lacquers in a range of four dynamic harmonies. Each shade is associated with a unique message or meaning and numerological value. SpaRitual® colour experts have carefully hand-blended each hue for superior shine, dry time and coverage.

These exceptional lacquers are vegan and free from DBP, formaldehyde and toluene. (Hint: we LOVE the reds!) And here's a little incentive for you - purchase any SpaRituals® product from Spa Utopia and receive a FREE mini polish, while supplies last. You can read more about our Hand and Foot treatments here.

A New Spa Utopia and Salon Hair Style

What could make you feel more special, or your grand entrance more dramatic, than a fabulous "do" by one of our talented hair designers? If you really want to add oomph (and incorporate an instant facelift), consider an updo. Whether you want to channel Audrey Hepburn, or prefer a few loose ends, we've got you covered! And if you're not into updos, then an expert blow-dry will have you looking like the star you know yourself to be. Please call your local Spa Utopia salon to book an appointment.

Professional Makeup Application

Nothing makes a girl (of any age) feel more confident than having her makeup applied professionally. So this year, before that big event, why not book a professional makeup application at Spa Utopia? Especially popular after a cut and style, professionally applied makeup really does give you the edge, particularly if the shutterbugs (or Blackberry clickers) are in attendance. You can read more about our Professional Makeup Application services here.

So go rock your stuff and knock them dead, Party Girl... we'll be behind you every (perfectly pedicured) step of the way!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

We all need a little tranquility!

We all need a little tranquility in our lives, don't we? Especially when the shop windows are filling with holiday displays and we are reminded that there are only a few more weeks until the Big Day.
Studies show that the winter holiday season—and the weeks leading up to it—are the most stressful time of year. While most of us enjoy the holidays, few enjoy the running about associated with them, and find that much of the lead-up is one big headache. Stress, as we all know, is bad for both our hearts and souls, aging us beyond our years, and generally making life a drudge instead of the pleasure it was meant to be.

Although not a complete remedy for stress (which really depends on how well we react to the things that bother us), taking the time for ourselves on a regular basis can provide a sensation of anticipation and relaxation, which can help us control our responses to the stressors in our lives.

Perhaps one of the best de-stressors Spa Utopia has to offer, is our aptly-named Tranquility Wrap!  This cocooning body treatment utilizes a unique oil-based formula with amaranth, rose, vanilla, cedar, palmarosa and orange, to encourage a deep sense of relaxation. This serene wrap both nourishes and protects the skin, leaving it supple and silky soft. The 70-minute treatment includes a facial cleanse and mask designed to prolong your pleasure and ensure you feel "personally pampered" from head to toe.

Please scroll to the end to learn about our current Tranquility special:

About the oils used in our Tranquility Wrap (and how you'll benefit from their use):


Amaranth oil is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and is deeply soothing to the skin.


Rose oil has an uplifting, lightly astringent effect on the skin, making it feel soft and refreshed.


Vanilla oil is both brightening and relaxing, both in skincare and aromatherapy.


Cedar oil is astringent and soothing for the skin, and has mild antiseptic properties.


Palmarosa oil has regenerating qualities as well as helping the skin heal, and become blemish-free.


Oil of orange is both relaxing in aromatherapy and lightly bracing for the skin.

Become more tranquil!

Reg. price for our Tranquility Wrap is $137. ( plus HST)

Now specially priced at just $89.05 (plus HST)

...a savings of 35%!

Watch your inbox for our Tuesday morning e-Blast.

This offer ends at midnight Thurs. Nov. 17th, 2011

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Spa Utopia Salon Director James Riyad at Davines' World Wide Hair Tour

For Spa Utopia Salon Director, James Riyad, placing in the prestigious Davines' World Wide Hair Tour has been a longterm ambition fuelled by his passion for contemporary hair design. Among other events, the 2012 Hair Tour will feature 10 top stylists selected from thousands of talented contenders, who will compete for the title of top stylist in the World Style Contest. James has been selected as one of those 10 whose talents will be featured on the "big stage."

This is not the first time that James has entered the competition. He entered seven years ago and two years ago, both times placing first regionally.

"This year, I was determined to go the distance," he says. "Failure is not an option." (While no one would agree that placing first in the regional component was a failure, James' determination and ever- growing talent is a mark of what it takes to excel in today's highly competitive world of hair design.)

Competing in the Davine's World Wide Hair Tour requires an understanding of what hair styles best capture the essence of today's fashionable woman. James submitted four photos of Keana, his model and muse, her hair, clothing and makeup reflective of what he envisions as the spirit of contemporary womanhood. He was also required to submit a video of himself creating the style, and an explanation of what formed his inspiration.

James spent a whole year brainstorming  ideas and putting together vision boards of what he wanted to achieve. After many, many meetings with his clothes stylist (Leila Bani), photographer (Greg Swales) and makeup artist (Spa Utopia's own Cheryl Sawyer), everything fell perfectly into place. The style and images are part of a collection created exclusively by James, called BAL:USION -  a fusion of the disciplined movement and shapes of ballet and the freer, more playful imagery of clowns. (When James participates in the final during January 2012, he will present a completely different look—one that represents the essence of today's "Davines' woman.")

James Riyad

The Davine's World Hair Tour, 2012, will be held at the Fillmore, Miami Beach (Jackie Gleason Theatre) from January 8 - 11. Spa Utopia congratulates James on his participation and wishes him the very best!

And what about you?  Fall is a time for change - just ask Mother Nature. It's a time when colour comes to the fore and hair styles take on a newer, crisper look after the more casual vibe of summer.

Fall is a great time for CHANGE. Maybe it's time for a new colour, a new cut, a new stylist, a NEW YOU!

 Watch your inbox for our Tuesday morning e-Blast,
 Purchase this online offer and receive

$100 worth of salon services for just $75 at all Spa Utopia locations.

SAVE $25 

 This special offer is only available online until Midnight Thurs. Nov. 3rd, 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Not just a footnote

Yes, it's that time again! With raindrops instead of sunshine hitting our toes, we can't seem to get them into gorgeous boots fast enough. And who's complaining? Boots are, after all, a West Coast signature look, whether casual, vampish or somewhere in between.
Of course, fall and winter foot attire is also the perfect excuse to ignore our feet for another couple of months—until the festive season starts and strappy, toe-revealing sandals are pulled from the murky depths of our closets, or (even better) toted home in brand new boxes. Then it's off to the fainting couch when we see what disasters were lurking underneath the safety of our socks...

To help you avoid this annual rite of passage, Spa Utopia would like to remind you that just because you can't see your tootsies, doesn't mean they aren't there. And we're betting that, just about now, they could do with a refresher pedicure. Before we get to our various options (and a really fabulous special), here are a few things you need to watch out for, if you want to maintain foot health and beauty throughout the colder months:

The yukkies. Nasty things that develop when our feet are tucked into dark places include fungal infections of the toenails. The most common of these is known in medical circles as onychomycosis, (and among fastidious females as "that #$*!# toe thing again").  

Onychomycosis loves dark, damp places like running shoes and boots that are worn all day and never aired. The best way to avoid it is to remove shoes and socks whenever possible, and to wear footless pantyhose. A light dusting of powder will help keep your feet dry and discourage fungal growth.

Athlete's foot (tinea pedis) is another fungal infection that thrives in dark, damp places and the same preventive measures apply. Both onychomycosis and athelete's foot affect both sexes, although men, being inveterate sock-wearers, experience athlete's foot more frequently.

If you are prone to fungal infections of the feet, we highly recommend Footlogix products, available in our spas and in our online store. #7 Anti-Fungal Cream is perfect for the prevention and treatment of athlete's foot, #7 Extra-Dry Skin Anti-Fungal Foam works miracles on dry skin that suffers from fungal infections, and #7 Nail Tincture is a wonderful toenail fungus prevention agent, with a little spout that reaches right under the nail!

When wishing to prevent fungal infections, it is also important to make sure that the spa that performs your pedicure has proper sanitation procedures. Spa Utopia adheres to the strictest standards of hygiene and sanitation.

Corns and calluses. We're all familiar with these hard areas of skin that develop as a means of protecting the feet from tight and/or rough areas of footwear (or from concrete, sand and rocks for people who love a closer connection with nature). They are best prevented by wearing footwear of appropriate size and shape. If you have a wide toe area, with toes of close-to-even length, you should aim for a square or roundish toe, instead of squeezing your feet into pointed shoes.

A regular pedicure will help keep calluses at bay (but licensing regulations do not permit spa technicians to treat corns). Wearing a corn pad minus the medicated disk, or some moleskin cut to size, can help prevent corns from getting worse, or developing in the first place.

Sweaty feet. While sweaty feet generally run in families (did we really write that?) and can't be prevented, associated foot odour can. Always wash your feet in the morning and dust with foot powder, body powder or corn starch. If you are planning to wear socks, make sure they are fresh ones. If possible, wash your feet again midday and, of course before you go to bed. Letting your feet out for an airing once in a while is a good idea.

To help your feet remain fabulous throughout fall and winter, Spa Utopia offers three pedicures: the Classic Express, Signature, and Exclusive.

The Classic Express 50-minute pedicure concentrates on foot essentials, including detailed grooming of the toenails, cuticles and soles, to promote good health. A light application of foot mousse to hydrate winter-dry feet is followed with CHI ceramic nail lacquer* or a buffing.

Our very popular 60-minute Signature pedicure provides detailed grooming, with a mineral salt exfoliation to reveal fresher skin and promote hydration. This is followed by a relaxing foot and leg massage, and the application of CHI ceramic nail lacquer* or buffing.

The 75-minute Exclusive pedicure provides the same detailed grooming, in addition to the application of alphahydroxy acids to dissolve and remove the dead skin that tends to build up around the sides and on the soles of the feet. Following a special leg treatment and foot-to-knee tension-relieving massage, your feet further benefit from a PerfectSense paraffin infusion mask, before your toenails are treated to CHI ceramic nail lacquer* or buffed.

* CHI ceramic nail lacquer is toluene and phthalate-free and contains anti-bacterial nano-silver.

A PerfectSense paraffin infusion mask may be added to the Classic Express and Signature pedicures (and is included in the Exclusive pedicure). The mask comprises medical grade paraffin, with multiple minerals and 11 vitamins, and invigorating essences of eucalyptus, mandarin, orange, spearmint and peppermint. The mask increases hydration and helps ease tired and achy joints, and is a much-loved part of Spa Utopia pedicures and manicures.

And now for our special:

Since party season is just around the corner and strappy shoes
are a must—even on the coldest of nights— be sure to keep your feet
looking great all winter long!
Or, plan a pedi-party with your BFFs!
Get 4 Signature Pedicures for the price of 3.

PLUS, receive a free litre of Rosemary Mint Body Lotion.

Total value: $380. + $39.98 = $419.98 (plus tax)

Special Price: $285. (plus tax)

SAVE 33% or $134.98

Don't miss out! Watch for our Tuesday morning eBlast...

Pictured Ballentine boot courtesy of The ALDO Group Inc.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Beautiful, healthy skin. What does it really take?

One of the questions we frequently hear from guests of
Spa Utopia is How do I best maintain the appearance of my skin between visits? So we thought we'd provide a few insights...

Although it would be nice, a beautiful skin doesn't just "happen." Nor does a regular professional facial ensure that your skin looks its very best at all times. Skin, just like the rest of you, relies on daily attention—and that means feeding it, from the inside and out.

One of the very best things we can do for our skin is to make sure we eat and drink healthily, and that means plenty of fruits and vegetables. Purified water is the best beverage for glowing skin—at least four glasses a day. (It's not necessary to drink eight glasses of water a day unless you live in the desert, or work out enough to cause ongoing sweating.) Fruits and veggies contain a number of healthful vitamins and phytochemicals that help support the structures of the skin. Green tea too has been shown in many studies to help the skin look its very best. (In addition to sipping green tea, you might consider brewing a cup, letting it cool, then using it as a spray to refresh your skin.)

Are you getting enough iron? Vitamin C? Protein? All these are essential to maintain the skin's support structures.

Having a perfect skin also depends on what you apply from the outside. Keeping the skin clean is very important, so never skip on your nighttime cleansing routine, however tired you are. Be sure too, never to skip your daily application of sunscreen. This could be a mineral sunscreen such as Jane Iredale.

The general rule is cleanse, tone, moisturize/treat at night when removing makeup, and again in the morning to remove built-up oils. If you wear more than one coat of mascara, or waterproof mascara, you may benefit from using an eye makeup-remover, which will ensure you don't pull on sensitive skin around the eyes.

The array of professional skincare products/treatments formulated for specific skin types is broad, and you may want to ask a Spa Utopia Skin Care Therapist what is best for you. Today's skin care products are constantly evolving as researchers learn more about the skin's structure and ability to renew itself. Most treatment creams and lotions available at Spa Utopia work at the cellular level to ensure your skin looks its very best. Today's skin preparations are targeted not only to skin "type" but also to the skin's degree of maturity. As we age, the skin's supportive matrix—consisting of elastin and collagen—needs to be replenished, and this can, to a degree, be achieved with professional-quality creams, lotions and serums.

It is also important to make sure that you use products formulated specifically for the eyes and lips, as these areas have finer skin and different needs from other areas of the face, neck and décolleté.

Although a regular facial is essential for healthy-looking skin, you can do a lot to improve skin's texture and quality with targeted treatments such as exfoliants and masques. While it's not necessary to exfoliate every day, a weekly exfoliation will encourage the lower "fresher" cells of the skin to regenerate faster. A twice-weekly masque will help keep the skin hydrated.

Does your skin suddenly look less dewy? Are you breaking out? It could be that you simply need a change of skin care products. Like the rest of you, the skin sometimes gets tired of the "same old, same old" and benefits from something new. Just as a new exercise routine or dietary change can work wonders on your well-being, so a change of nutrients applied directly to the skin can improve its appearance.

Did you know that physical activity such as a brisk daily walk greatly enhances the appearance of the skin? When we become physically active, the blood pumps faster around the body, enhancing delivery of all the nutrients needed for a glowing, dewy look. In addition to providing oxygen to the skin, the blood also helps carry away waste products, including free radicals, from the cells of the skin.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, be sure to de-stress regularly and to get at least seven hours' shut-eye. Stress can wreak havoc on the loveliest of skins, causing dullness and a haggard appearance, and a lack of sleep can actually prevent the skin from properly renewing and replenishing itself, as these processes take place during sleep.

Of course, a regular professional facial, designed just for you, is something you cannot forfeit if you want to maintain a beautiful skin. The application of professional quality and strength skincare products is essential to keep your skin looking fresh and clear, with that all-important glow. We recommend that you have a professional facial once every six weeks to maintain your skin at the peak of perfection!

This week, Spa Utopia is offering the following skin-enhancing special, just in time for fall.

Sorry! Special is sold out.

75-minute Designed for U Exclusive Facial
regular price: $139 plus tax.

Special: $97.39 plus tax (a saving of 30% or $41.70!)

You will also receive 15% off professional Comfort Zone and DerMed products prescribed by your Spa Utopia Skin Care Therapist during your treatment.

(But hurry, only 100 available at this special low price...)
For more details, please watch out for our

Wednesday morning eBlast!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just for the guys!

The summer is, sadly, drawing to a close and it's back to the office for most of the "guys of summer." That means trading up the campsite for the boardroom, the firepit for the water cooler—and for looking better groomed.

As more and more men discover the rejuvenating experience a visit to Spa Utopia brings, we have concentrated our efforts into creating a male-friendly and compatible environment.

And we'd love you to experience all we have to offer!

Most men tell us that they'd love to look a little fresher and more youthful. Also, that they'd like a manicure but are unsure of just where to start. With these concerns in mind, we've created a Spa Utopia special offer just for guys...

Here's what you'll experience:

75 minute Age Performer Facial reg. $152.
During this treatment, we'll encourage a more youthful appearance by stimulating your skin with alphahydroxy acids to bring younger, stronger, more healthy skin cells to the surface.

Nail Grooming for Hands reg. $63
During this treatment, your hands receive all the necessary care. Your nails and cuticles will be detailed perfectly and a hydrating lotion will restore needed moisture to "campfire skin."

Total $215. (plus tax)

Our special price: $139.75 (plus tax)  A savings of 35%!

Plus a $10 voucher toward a hair service at any Spa Utopia Salon.

If you are a guy (or know a guy) who would love a little attention to his appearance before returning to the more serious business of Fall, please watch out for our Tuesday morning eBlast!


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Spa Utopia Back-to-School Girl Special

This September, give that special young woman in your life a boost of confidence before she hits the books again! 

Spa Utopia's Utopia Teens package is the ultimate confidence-booster for the back-to-school girl—ensuring she looks her very best for the important days that mark the beginning of the school year.

This special package consists of a Spa Utopia Designed for U Facial, a Classic Express Manicure, and a Professional Eyebrow Shaping that will give her those enviable brows enjoyed by her favourite celebrity.

Eyebrow Shaping at Spa Utopia
We view proper eyebrow shaping as both a science and an art! Most people's eyebrows are not identical to each other, making them difficult to properly tweeze or wax.  Most young women start out shaping their brows with tweezers and, because of the disparity in shape or volume, end up over-tweezing one brow. This results in difficulty evening the brows out and one or both frequently end up too thin and/or sparse-looking.

A Spa Utopia professional can create a brow shape that will frame the eyes and compliment the shape of the face.  Once the brows  have been professionally shaped using tweezing and waxing, maintenance should be easy (although it is recommended to return every three months or thereabouts to freshen them up again). We use wax during the shaping process to remove the fine hairs around the brows that are visible in sunlight. This ensures a finished, well-groomed look.
Of course, you don't have to be a teen to take advantage of this very special offer. It is available for anyone to enjoy...

Our Utopia Teens Package Special
The package consists of:

• one 50-minute Designed for U Facial
• one 50-minute Classic Express Manicure
• one Professional Eyebrow Shaping

The regular price of this package is $187 plus taxes.
Buy it today and you'll pay only $120 plus taxes
(represents a savings of approx. 35%). This pricing includes $10 towards any Spa Utopia Salon service.

Our exclusive offer will expire at midnight, August 11. By joining our mailing list you can receive up to 50% off select spa treatments, packages and more! Sign up today at www.spautopia.com

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Spa Utopia Summer Detox Package: A must for your hair and skin

One of the most underrated and overlooked health and beauty treatments for your skin and hair is detoxification—the removed of unwanted elements that are detrimental to well-being.

Many of us practise body detoxification to help rid our systems of toxic buildup caused by foods, beverages and the products of metabolism, but we forget that the skin is a major organ with its own detoxification needs, and that the hair suffers from build-up of a number of dulling agents.

Spa Utopia detoxification treatments will bring out the natural beauty of your skin and hair, helping you look your summer best!

Detoxifying Thalassotherapy (Seaweed) Bath

This popular Spa Utopia treatment utilizes the naturally high mineral content of algae to stimulates the metabolism and circulation. This in turn increases skin-cell function, improves water and mineral balance, and gently detoxifies. Your 40-minute session includes a relaxing and therapeutic soak in one of our exclusive European hydro tubs, to which has been added our Pacific Seaweed solution with essential oils of lavender, marjoram, rosemary and mint. Afterwards, you will be treated to a full body application of our own luxurious Spa Utopia Rosemary Mint Body Lotion. 

Salon Hair Detoxifying Treatment

Hands up if you've detoxified your hair this year. What? No one? We know, it's hard to believe that the hair would benefit from detoxification, but it does. In fact, people known for their shiny, swinging hair usually have it treated regularly to remove build-up and chemical residue that can drastically alter its appearance.

Pollution, hard water and chlorine can negatively impact the condition and colour of your hair by changing the chemistry and building a dulling coat over the shaft. The results include drabness, split ends and difficulty when combing.

Not all hair experiences the same type of pollutants and build up. Swimmers, for example, often have hair with a dull or greenish appearance caused by chlorine (especially if lightened), and others may experience dulling and build-up caused by specific shampoos and/or sprays. Even those who let their hair remain naturally beautiful can experience dulling from minerals found in "hard" tap water. Our Spa Utopia & Salon Hair Detoxifying Treatment treats your specific hair concerns with our customized detoxifying environmental damage recovery system.

The hair detoxification treatment consists of three phases, all of which are highly relaxing and enjoyable! First, a mud treatment rich in clay and antioxidants will free hair of toxins and protect it against free radical action resulting from UV light. Phase two is the application of a special shampoo that chelates (binds with) dulling minerals in your hair, and the final phase is the application of a rich moisturizing and detangling cream that protects and brings out your hair's true shine.

Our special Summer Detox package
Our special Head-to-Toe Summer Detox package consists of a Detoxifying Thalassotherapy Bath and Salon Hair Detoxifying Treatment with blowdry, designed to restore and rebalance.

The regular price for this package is $210 (+ taxes).

Buy it today and you'll pay only $136.50 (+ taxes).

This offer will expire at midnight, Thursday, July 14, 2011. For more details, watch your inbox for our eBlast.

And, since we have been waiting far too long to enjoy a little sunshine, why not turn this offer into a fabulous day of pampering? Begin with a dip in the Pan Pacific outdoor saltwater pool, relax at Spa Utopia while you enjoy your Summer Detox package, followed by a complimentary makeup touch-up, then join someone special for dinner on one of our city's wonderful patios. (Or better still, why not ask a special someone to join you for the whole day in celebration of our long-awaited summer...)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Spa Utopia Canada Day Body Exfoliation Special

Although the weather's been more reminiscent of early spring, summer will soon arrive in all her skin-baring glory. Will you be ready?

One of the first things we think of in summer is a tan. Since we all understand that tanning is bad for the skin, most often, we'll go-for-the-faux with a self-tanner like St. Tropez. Others will spring for a St. Tropez instant tan, professionally applied at one of our three locations.  Unfortunately, no tan will look good if your skin is rough, thickened or flaky, which is why exfoliation is so very important.

Of course, some people prefer their natural skin colour, and simply want their skin to look soft and youthful with even tone and colour.

For your skin to look its best, it is very important to exfoliate, and here's where Spa Utopia can help. In recognition of Canada Day, we are offering our Spa Utopia Body Scrub & Polish or Canadian Treasures Exfoliation (40 minutes) PLUS a litre of Spa Utopia Rosemary Mint Body Lotion with pure essential oils! (This represents a total retail value of $136.98, but in celebration of or great country, we're offering this to you for a total of $82.90 - a 40% saving.) But hurry, this special offer is only available until midnight of Thursday June 30th.

Spa Utopia Body Scrub & Polish

Relax completely as we apply a mixture of pumice, hemp oil and moor mud, enriched with eucalyptus and rosemary essential oils to your skin. This invigorating treatment helps stimulate blood circulation and promotes skin regeneration by reducing the build-up of dead skin cells. Your body  will be polished velvety smooth and you'll feel energized and refreshed.

Spa Utopia Canadian Treasures Exfoliation

Utilizing Canada's incredible natural resources, this treatment helps remove dead skin cells to reveal the healthy luminous skin beneath. Glacial mineral water assists with hydration and  gel cleanser derived from glacial clay helps exfoliate the skin while eliminating impurities. Deeply hydrating multiactive Seaweed Butter derived from Canadian shores finishes this treatment, helping to restore skin's natural health and beauty. 

This relaxing treatment truly showcases Canada's natural resources for health and wellness.

After your treatment, you'll love using our Spa Utopia Rosemary Mint Body Lotion to maintain your silky smooth skin! The ultimate skincare luxury, this lotion is rich in moisturizing ingredients to leave you soft and hydrated. With a base of silky shea butter and coconut oil, our Rosemary Mint Body Lotion nourishes all skin types and is excellent for the hands and feet as well.

You can read more about Spa Utopia body exfoliation treatments here. Watch your inbox for our special celebration of Canada offer, or call any of our locations to book.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Here comes the sun...don't let it age your skin!

Almost everyone enjoys summer, especially after the long and dreary Vancouver spring. In fact, most of us can't wait to shed our cardies and jeans, and get into shorts and a tee. There's only one problem: It's already almost Summer Solstice—when the sun is strongest, and our winter-pale skin at greater risk for burning.  Last year, the weather pattern was similar, and the incidence of sunburn far greater than in previous years, when the sun introduced itself slowly during April and May.

So what  should we do to best prepare our skin for summer exposure?

Of course, of greatest importance is wearing sunscreen—no matter how much you want to sport an attractive tan. The sun is the skin's number one ager, and also increases the risk of skin cancers and other lesions. But people still want to look healthy and sun kissed, and this is where a high quality faux tan comes into play.

Spa Utopia has you covered  in both respects. We have some of the best sunscreens/skin enhancers available today, and also St. Tropez self tanning products and salon spray-on tan. This means you don't have to ruin your skin by basking in the sun (or worse, in a tanning salon), and can look healthy and tanned in a matter of hours.

Blocking UV light

People are always surprised to know that the rays that cause wrinkling are not restricted to the UVB rays we encounter outside on sunny summer days. Rather, wrinkling is accelerated by UVA light, whcih is all about us every day of the year. UVA light is daylight: if it's light outside, then UVA rays are present. These skin-spoilers pass through glass as well, meaning your skin can age as you sit next to a window during the winter, reading about your next sunny vacation destination! UVB light is strongest in summer (and closer to the tropics) and also damages the skin's collagen and elastin matrix. However, people are more likely to protect themselves against UVB light as these are burning rays. UVB light can, however, pass through clouds, meaning you can sustain a sunburn even on a dull day.

The answer to both UVA and UVB damage is to wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day of the year, even if you are intending to stay indoors. Spa Utopia carries a number of sunscreens for the face and body (don't forget the back of your hands) such as Pro-Derm™ and the always-popular Jane Iredale SPF 20 mineral makeup.

The perfect self tan

St Tropez self tanning products are second to none in quality and—applied correctly—will give you smooth, sleek colour. Try St. Tropez Everyday Gradual Tan Mousse for the body and Everyday Gradual Tan for the face (plus a number of other formulations including a tan optimizer and self-tan spray). Until midnight, June 16, if you purchase any St. Tropez tanning product/s online, we will include an Applicator Mitt free of charge. Shipping is free if your purchase exceeds $50.

Of course, before using a self-tanning product, you will need to exfoliate, perhaps with our wonderfully smoothing Spa Utopia Body Scrub & Polish. Exfoliation ensures that the actual tanning ingredient doesn't stain heavily keratinized skin cells that are due to flake off as part of the skin's renewal process.

You might also consider having a St. Tropez Full Body Spray Tan at Spa Utopia, for an instant tan that will have your friends and co-workers wondering how you slipped off to Hawaii without anyone noticing!

Other suncare tips

Here are some ways to protect yourself from the sun's harmful rays (some you will likely know, and some may be new to you!)

•  Cover up with a wide-brimmed sunhat (this year's "in" fashion accessory) and cap sleeves. No matter how high the SPF of a sunscreen, it will still allow rays through. Long sleeves and pants are even better.

•  Following on from the above, use a sunscreen that contains antioxidants to minimize damage from rays that do slip through. (Pro-Derm™, available from Spa Utopia locations or online, contains antioxidants.)

•  Always apply your sunscreen at least half an hour before going into the sun. Apply according to packaging instructions. Most sunscreens absorb UV light and, in doing so, break down and become less protective— making reapplication necessary every two hours or so. Others are formulated to keep on working all day without reapplication.

•  Avoid direct sun between the hours of 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. 

•  Remember that sand and water intensify the sun's rays. Always wear waterproof sunscreen when swimming on sunny days.

•  Munch on broccoli (raw or cooked), carrots and dark chocolate and sip pomegranate juice.  All these foods increase your skin's ability to reduce sun damage.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Beauty of Medical Esthetics at Spa Utopia

Did you know that Medi-Spa treatments are among the many popular beauty-enhancing services available from Spa Utopia?

Our Medical Esthetics Photo Therapy treatments include Photo Rejuvenation, Skin Tightening and Laser Hair Removal. All treatments are administered by our highly skilled Medical Skin Care Therapists, who have received comprehensive training from medical practitioners for these advanced technologies. In addition, each has successfully completed our extensive in-house training requirements and is committed to ensuring a successful and safe outcome for your procedure/s.

For all three therapies (which are available to men and women), you will be required to have a prior consultation with a Spa Utopia Medical Skin Care Therapist. The nominal fee for this consultation is applied to your subsequent treatment/s.

Photo Rejuvenation

Photo Rejuvenation or Broad Band Light™ Therapy (BBL) allows the Medical Skin Care Therapist to precisely treat fine wrinkles, age and sun spots, small facial veins (capillaries), and rosacea.

During your initial consultation, you will receive an indepth analysis of your skin and may also have a photograph taken with a UV camera. This highly specialized photography provides details of damage to the skin caused by the sun, and which may not be visible to the naked eye. Your treatment will be tailored to suit your skin's condition and your desired results.

BBL therapy delivers pulsed light onto the skin which gently heats it. The heat is absorbed by the targeted cells, encouraging collagen production and destroying the melanin that causes hyperpigmentation and age spots. Small capillaries are gently, but effectively eliminated. The flushing associated with rosacea is also effectively reduced through BBL treatment. These targeted treatments are achieved through the use of different filters.

You can read more about Photo Rejuvenation here.

BBL treatment is available at our Langley and North Vancouver locations.

Skin Tightening

Now you can have visibly smoother, tauter skin, without the discomfort or downtime of surgery. Skin-Tyte™ is an advanced, light-based system that specifically targets the cells of the dermis, and recaptures the firmness associated with youthful skin.

Fast and gentle, Skin Tyte™ delivers light energy (heat) to the dermis through a specific filter while keeping the surface of the skin cool. The energy absorbed by the targeted area stimulates your skin to increase collagen production. The collagen fibers continue to strengthen after your treatment and you will see improved results over the months ahead.

You can read more about Skin Tightening here.

Skin Tightening is available at both our Langley and North Vancouver locations.

Laser Hair Removal

Imagine never having to shave, wax, tweeze, or apply messy creams again! If you want a smooth, sleek, hair-free body, all of the time, then laser hair removal may be the perfect option for you.

Our LightSheer™ diode laser system is the recognized gold standard in laser hair removal. This exciting technology offers a long-lasting solution to unwanted hair on the face, back, legs, bikini line or any other body area. The LightSheer™ is non-invasive, gentle on sensitive areas like the lip and underarms, and effectively treats unwanted hair on all skin types, including ethnic and dark complexions.

The LightSheer™ works by sending pulses of light to the hair follicles, where natural pigments absorb the light. This destroys the existing hair and inhibits regrowth. At the same time, the surface of your skin is kept cool and comfortable. Most people achieve permanent hair reduction and clinical studies show that if some hairs do return, they are typically lighter and less dense than prior to laser treatment. LightSheer™ treatments are tolerated very well, and you can generally return to work and resume all regular activities immediately.

You can read more about Laser Hair Removal here.

Laser Hair Removal is available at our Langley and North Vancouver location.

A word about photo aging...

A Photo Rejuvenation or Skin Tightening treatment at Spa Utopia will help restore your skin to a more youthful appearance, and encourage fresh collagen production. However, the best way to "treat" skin aging is to prevent it in the first place! A good sun protection program, strictly adhered to, will prevent sun damage (photo aging) such as wrinkling and age spots—and, if you have had a photo therapy treatment, will ensure the results last as long as possible).

Spa Utopia carries some of the most advanced sun protection products available—and every one of them is a pleasure to use, unlike many sun-protection creams and lotions. If you are going on a sunny vacation, or spend a lot of time outdoors, you may wish to invest in Pro-Derm™ sunscreen with an SPF of 60. This highly specialized formulation is moisturizing, non-greasy, and contains no unpleasant chemicals. (Many savvy women use this formula daily on their hands, to prevent tell-tale signs of aging such as brown spots.)

Shop online for Pro-Derm™ products here.

For daily prevention of sun damage, you may also want to use Jane Iredale mineral makeup with an SPF of 20—a popular choice among women who want to protect their skin against sun damage while avoiding the chemicals often present in sunscreens.

For more information on Medical Esthetic treatments at Spa Utopia, please contact our Langley location at  604-539-8772 or North Vancouver location at 604-980-3977 for information and booking for any of the three treatments. Please remember that prior to any treatment, you will be asked to book a consultation with a Medical Skin Care Therapist.