Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Spa Utopia Summer Detox Package: A must for your hair and skin

One of the most underrated and overlooked health and beauty treatments for your skin and hair is detoxification—the removed of unwanted elements that are detrimental to well-being.

Many of us practise body detoxification to help rid our systems of toxic buildup caused by foods, beverages and the products of metabolism, but we forget that the skin is a major organ with its own detoxification needs, and that the hair suffers from build-up of a number of dulling agents.

Spa Utopia detoxification treatments will bring out the natural beauty of your skin and hair, helping you look your summer best!

Detoxifying Thalassotherapy (Seaweed) Bath

This popular Spa Utopia treatment utilizes the naturally high mineral content of algae to stimulates the metabolism and circulation. This in turn increases skin-cell function, improves water and mineral balance, and gently detoxifies. Your 40-minute session includes a relaxing and therapeutic soak in one of our exclusive European hydro tubs, to which has been added our Pacific Seaweed solution with essential oils of lavender, marjoram, rosemary and mint. Afterwards, you will be treated to a full body application of our own luxurious Spa Utopia Rosemary Mint Body Lotion. 

Salon Hair Detoxifying Treatment

Hands up if you've detoxified your hair this year. What? No one? We know, it's hard to believe that the hair would benefit from detoxification, but it does. In fact, people known for their shiny, swinging hair usually have it treated regularly to remove build-up and chemical residue that can drastically alter its appearance.

Pollution, hard water and chlorine can negatively impact the condition and colour of your hair by changing the chemistry and building a dulling coat over the shaft. The results include drabness, split ends and difficulty when combing.

Not all hair experiences the same type of pollutants and build up. Swimmers, for example, often have hair with a dull or greenish appearance caused by chlorine (especially if lightened), and others may experience dulling and build-up caused by specific shampoos and/or sprays. Even those who let their hair remain naturally beautiful can experience dulling from minerals found in "hard" tap water. Our Spa Utopia & Salon Hair Detoxifying Treatment treats your specific hair concerns with our customized detoxifying environmental damage recovery system.

The hair detoxification treatment consists of three phases, all of which are highly relaxing and enjoyable! First, a mud treatment rich in clay and antioxidants will free hair of toxins and protect it against free radical action resulting from UV light. Phase two is the application of a special shampoo that chelates (binds with) dulling minerals in your hair, and the final phase is the application of a rich moisturizing and detangling cream that protects and brings out your hair's true shine.

Our special Summer Detox package
Our special Head-to-Toe Summer Detox package consists of a Detoxifying Thalassotherapy Bath and Salon Hair Detoxifying Treatment with blowdry, designed to restore and rebalance.

The regular price for this package is $210 (+ taxes).

Buy it today and you'll pay only $136.50 (+ taxes).

This offer will expire at midnight, Thursday, July 14, 2011. For more details, watch your inbox for our eBlast.

And, since we have been waiting far too long to enjoy a little sunshine, why not turn this offer into a fabulous day of pampering? Begin with a dip in the Pan Pacific outdoor saltwater pool, relax at Spa Utopia while you enjoy your Summer Detox package, followed by a complimentary makeup touch-up, then join someone special for dinner on one of our city's wonderful patios. (Or better still, why not ask a special someone to join you for the whole day in celebration of our long-awaited summer...)

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