Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Spa Utopia Salon Director James Riyad at Davines' World Wide Hair Tour

For Spa Utopia Salon Director, James Riyad, placing in the prestigious Davines' World Wide Hair Tour has been a longterm ambition fuelled by his passion for contemporary hair design. Among other events, the 2012 Hair Tour will feature 10 top stylists selected from thousands of talented contenders, who will compete for the title of top stylist in the World Style Contest. James has been selected as one of those 10 whose talents will be featured on the "big stage."

This is not the first time that James has entered the competition. He entered seven years ago and two years ago, both times placing first regionally.

"This year, I was determined to go the distance," he says. "Failure is not an option." (While no one would agree that placing first in the regional component was a failure, James' determination and ever- growing talent is a mark of what it takes to excel in today's highly competitive world of hair design.)

Competing in the Davine's World Wide Hair Tour requires an understanding of what hair styles best capture the essence of today's fashionable woman. James submitted four photos of Keana, his model and muse, her hair, clothing and makeup reflective of what he envisions as the spirit of contemporary womanhood. He was also required to submit a video of himself creating the style, and an explanation of what formed his inspiration.

James spent a whole year brainstorming  ideas and putting together vision boards of what he wanted to achieve. After many, many meetings with his clothes stylist (Leila Bani), photographer (Greg Swales) and makeup artist (Spa Utopia's own Cheryl Sawyer), everything fell perfectly into place. The style and images are part of a collection created exclusively by James, called BAL:USION -  a fusion of the disciplined movement and shapes of ballet and the freer, more playful imagery of clowns. (When James participates in the final during January 2012, he will present a completely different look—one that represents the essence of today's "Davines' woman.")

James Riyad

The Davine's World Hair Tour, 2012, will be held at the Fillmore, Miami Beach (Jackie Gleason Theatre) from January 8 - 11. Spa Utopia congratulates James on his participation and wishes him the very best!

And what about you?  Fall is a time for change - just ask Mother Nature. It's a time when colour comes to the fore and hair styles take on a newer, crisper look after the more casual vibe of summer.

Fall is a great time for CHANGE. Maybe it's time for a new colour, a new cut, a new stylist, a NEW YOU!

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