Tuesday, December 13, 2011

'Tis the season to be stressing...

Spa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-lah!  OK, that’s a little overdone, but we hope we help out a little with all that bad-for-you stress that inevitably accompanies all the seasonal festivities and fun.
At this time of year, while pretending to not be listening to the riveting gossip at office parties and various soirées, it’s not that hard to hear someone suddenly shriek, “OMG I forgot Aunt Alice!” or “What in heaven’s name can I buy my sister that she doesn’t already have three of?”  We are pleased to tell you that we have a host of last-minute gift ideas that will look like you’ve been planning assiduously for a very long time.

But back to that stress...

We all know that stress ages us and contributes to the development of a number of diseases, as well as wrinkles and prematurely greying hair.  So anything we can do to reduce that stress is a good idea, for our bodies, minds and souls.  
Here are a few suggestions:

        Don’t forget to “gift” yourself with a Spa Utopia treatment.  Snuggle into a fluffy white robe, sip our signature Rooibos Cocktail and happily await your massage or pedi. (And ponder on all the good you are doing yourself and others by de-stressing...)

   After your treatment, wander around our Spa Shop and see how we can fill in the gaps in gift-giving.  We have Bra Bags and Panty Paks for the special women in your life, must-have skincare, and cosmetic items, Warm Buddies for children (as well as adults) on your still-to-buy-for list and a host of items for the guys, including our supersoft Signature Bath Robe (available in adult, child and king sizes).  And for the really, really tough to buy for? Just ask for a Spa Utopia Gift Card—perfect for gift giving in its festive red envelope. Here are a few more suggestions for stand-alone gifts or well-priced stocking stuffers:

• Jane Iredale Chocoholics four lipgloss gift set - (Blood Orange, Very Berry, Espresso and Chili Pepper) • SpaRitual® vegan nail lacquers in a variety of gorgeous colours and finishes • Get Naked Massage Oils with ylang ylang & patchouli or horny goat extract • All natural Spa Utopia soaps in green apple, coconut, lavender and lemongrass • Spa Utopia soy candles, beautifully scented for every mood, in Dawn, Reaffirmation, Perpetual Rise or Elevate • Spa Utopia Canadian Therapeutic Mineral Salts.


   When the weather turns dreary, it’s easy to want to stay inside. This isn’t a good idea. Walking in the rain, provided you are suitably attired, is a great de-stresser and great for the skin. (Not so for your hair? Then make sure you cover your locks inside some snappy headgear.) Breathe deeply and think how fortunate you are to be living in the midst of a real rain forest. Remember too that keeping physically active will ward off seasonal weight-gain.

 •  De-stress at home in a Spa Utopia Pine Mud Bath (the 32 oz size is currently 50% off at all Spa Utopia locations). This fabulous formula draws toxins from your skin and smells utterly dreamy!
  Make sure you get enough sleep. Partying into the wee hours plays havoc with your skin and your sanity. Remember that to properly process alcohol, your body needs twice as much water, so sip away at the sparkling H20 between those glasses of Chardonnay.

•  Finally, think of others who may not be so fortunate as to receive any gifts this year. Giving charitably is not only good for the recipient, but also the giver. (Yes, we hate to belabour the "studies say" angle, but studies do indeed say that giving to those in need boosts the immune system in ways we don't yet understand.)        


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