Monday, March 15, 2010

Spa Utopia now offers Smile FX teeth whitening system

Visitors  to Canada's most luxurious personal services venue will be pleased to know that we are now offering Smile FX Naturally White teeth whitening system.

A whiter, brighter smile is an instant uplift. It makes you look younger and healthier, and feel more confident. Having the service at Spa Utopia offers the additional benefit of feeling completely cosseted as you do so.

Smile FX utilizes revolutionary cool blue light technology to whiten teeth faster and deeper. It is safe for tooth enamel and the #1 choice for people with tooth sensitivity. Convenient and easy to maintain, your first treatment comprises three comfortable sessions of just 15 minutes each. If you want to maintain your sparkling white smile, you will need a touch-up treatment every two to six months.

Smile Fx costs hundreds of dollars less than other in-office professional whitening systems, and you won't have to lie in a dentist's chair or sit at home with uncomfortable trays in your mouth.

Another plus of the Smile FX whitening system is that, unlike "white strips" and other bleaching systems, it is also recommended for crowns, caps and veneers, quickly restoring them to their original colour. (You can help maintain your new, whiter teeth with the Maintain FX teeth whitening pen.)

And it gets better...

Spa Utopia gift cards are now in stock at all lower mainland Costco stores for a limited time. You can purchase two $50 Gift cards (a $100 value) for only $79.99 plus tax. This represents a saving of 20 percent, which can be used towards any Spa Utopia service and/or retail products.

When you purchase Spa Utopia gift cards at Costco you'll also save $10 on Smile FX teeth whitening treatment, plus you'll receive an additional $10 towards the purchase of the Maintain FX teeth whitening pen.

This special offer is available at Costco while quantities last.


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