Monday, April 19, 2010

Restore the soul with our VIP Suite exclusive offer...

If you haven't experienced the luxury of a spa treatment in one of Spa Utopia's beautifully appointed VIP Suites, then you may need to!  Researchers into happiness and well-being understand that the simple act of sharing with a friend or loved one nurtures the human psyche in ways we do not fully understand. What we do know is that endorphin levels are elevated, and stress levels reduced, with benefits that last beyond the actual experience. It is why people with close friends experience better health, and why a loving social circle helps the elderly live longer and more productively.

While spa treatments are, of course, a luxury, it is a luxury we all need from time to time to restore the self and remind us that our bodies are the temples of our souls. The harder we work and the more complicated our lives, the more vital true relaxation becomes. To help you satisfy this need, for a limited period, Spa Utopia is making it possible for you to spend time with someone special in one of our VIP suites. From April 19th to 25th, 2010, if you book two 50 minute facials and/or two 50 minute side-by-side massages, you will receive a complimentary VIP upgrade (a $200 value). Space is limited and based on availability, so you will need to book early. Your VIP upgrade will include use of a private VIP Suite with fireplace and heated floor, a private Jacuzzi bath for two, waterfall shower, in-suite services provided by a personal hostess, champagne, and a fabulous fruit dip platter for you and someone special to enjoy in your exclusive dining area. Of course, you are also encouraged to slip into a fluffy white bathrobe and sip a signature rooibos cocktail in our welcoming lounge, as part of Spa Utopia's guided relaxation experience...

This offer is valid only at the Vancouver Pan Pacific and North Vancouver locations. For further information, or to book your VIP Suite, please call your local Spa Utopia. You can read more about our VIP suites and special offers here.

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