Monday, August 9, 2010

Therapeutic Massage: Enjoy it more at Spa Utopia

Has your health care professional recommended that you undergo massage therapy? Are you uncertain of whom to call to set up an appointment with a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)?  Or perhaps you simply wish to benefit from therapeutic massage outside of a health plan...

Most extended health care plans fully or partially cover massage therapy when performed by an RMT, a fact of which many people are not aware. Spa Utopia has for many years offered spa guests the services of professional massage therapy, and is in fact the province's largest employer of RMTs. What does this mean for you? That you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of professional massage in our beautiful spa surroundings, and likely be covered by your extended health care plan! (Of course, any spa guest can enjoy the many benefits of massage therapy, inside or outside of an extended health care plan.)

All you need do for reimbursement by your extended health plan is to first check with your plan provider that massage therapy is covered (or partially covered), then request the services of an RMT when you book your appointment. After you have enjoyed your massage and attended to the payment, you  will receive a receipt with your RMT's billing number, which can then be submitted to your plan for reimbursement. If you have an open WCB or ICBC claim, certain provisions apply.*

British Columbia Registered Massage Therapists have completed a minimum 3000 hours of training - the most comprehensive in North America. RMTs who practise at Spa Utopia are required to successfully complete additional training to ensure the service that spa guests receive is unmatched in terms of benefit and enjoyment. To maintain our high standards, we consistently evaluate our services and require that our massage practitioners participate in ongoing training.

Advanced Therapeutic Massage

Spa Utopia offers a number of treatments for specific health conditions such as headaches, arthritis, lower back pain, sciatica and neck and shoulder pain. These have been designed by Spa Utopia RMTs and safely complement medical treatments you may be receiving for conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, or stress-related conditions such as anxiety, insomnia and depression.

Our treatments include Designed for U, where one of our RMTs will work with you to design a specific treatment targeted to your primary concerns; Utopia™ Sport Massage to ease muscular aches and pains and get you back to the playing field faster; Postural Restoration for people who spend long hours seated; Tension Headaches for those who "carry" tension around with them, particularly in the neck and shoulders; Easy Breath for people with breathing challenges, anxiety and injury to the ribs, and Easy Digest for people with stomach and bowel issues, bloating or TMD. (All these massages can be adapted to suit your specific concerns, and to make sure you derive maximum benefit from your session.)

All session times include consultation and/or assessment procedures, and we therefore suggest your first session consist of 80 minutes.

For further information on Therapeutic Massage at Spa Utopia, please contact your local spa, or visit our website.

* Spa guests booking a massage treatment when they have an open ICBC or WCB claim, must book  an RMT and will not be able to book a service with a non-registered therapist. Guests with WCB claims must sign a waiver and are limited to a "relaxation" service only (not a therapeutic treatment).

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