Monday, December 13, 2010

Spa Utopia introduces the BraBag and PantyPak: Luggage for your Lingerie

Have you ever had to hold your breath as someone from customs rummages through your suitcase, praying they'll not hit upon your stash of not-yet-washed undies? Have you ever arrived at your destination, eager for dinner, to find your uplift bra flattened like yesterday's soufflĂ©? Most of us have "lingerie nightmare" stories to tell, usually involving travel. And this is what inspired North Vancouver entrepreneur, Jane Webb, to establish The Brag Company (Brag is short for Bra Bag). Her fabulous "BraBag" and "PantyPak" were quickly picked up by the media and red carpet set, who were collectively thrilled with this great way to transport lingerie. Now available in a variety of fun designs and colour themes at all Spa Utopia locations, the BraBag and PantyPak make an ideal Christmas Gift for a travelling friend, a bride-to-be, or yourself.

The BraBag

Twisting your bra in the centre and inverting one cup into the other is not good for the shape or stitching. This is particularly true for uplift or other shaper bras. Slipping your bra into a specially designed BraBag will help it retain its shape so that it shows off yours better.

The BraBag is available in a number of themes/colour choices and two sizes. The regular BraBag can hold 1 to 6 bras up to 36C cup, as well as size 32D. Its larger sister, the Buxom BraBag, can hold 1-6 bras up to 36G and 38F.

The BraBag is available in a number of colours/themes.
Shown here, the ultra sophisticated Sophia.

The Buxom BraBag is also available in a variety of
patterns. Shown here, the flirtatious and fun Katie.

The PantyPak

No more stuffing your underthings in plastic bags! Now your panties can travel First Class in their own adorable case, which keeps clean and "not so clean" panties in their respective spots—and away from the prying eyes of customs officials! As with the BraBag, the PantyPak will also prevent "bad connections" with stiletto heels and other hard or rough objects in your suitcase.

Now you can separate your panties into "clean" and
"not so clean" compartments.

Choose from a number of designs to keep
your panties safely organized. Shown here,
the polka-dot Tiffany.

Once you've used the BraBag and PantyPak, you'll wonder how you ever did without them. (We have heard that many women use the BraBag for everyday bra-keeping, and that those who have had a mastectomy find them the perfect, discreet place to store their prosthesis.)  You can find both at all Spa Utopia locations.

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