Monday, January 17, 2011

Have a (Starbucks) Tazo® tea on us!

Tea not only makes you feel good when sipping, it also has a number of health benefits, including a raft of antioxidants and the ability to relax you.

To increase your pleasure and relaxation during your next visit to Spa Utopia, from Monday, January 17 to Tuesday, March 1, you will be offered a Tazo® tea treat, courtesy of Starbucks and Spa Utopia, when you visit any of our three locations. (So plan to lounge a little longer to enjoy the simple pleasure of a distinctively good cup of tea.)

Tazo® teas from Starbucks are full-leaf teas made from historical recipes, created by master blenders who combine botanicals and spices to deliver a range of rich or subtle flavour cues. The teas are placed in silken sachets that fully transfer the flavours for your complete enjoyment. With their unique formulations, sipping a Starbucks Tazo® tea before or after your spa treatment offers a much needed daily pause to further relax, rejuvenate and refresh your mind, body and soul. As a spa guest, you will also receive a take-away sample of Vanilla Rooibos Tazo® tea to enjoy at home or share with a friend. This indulgent blend combines the crisp tartness of apples, the sweet, soft notes of peach, rich Tahitian vanilla and the creamy, malty flavour of rooibos for a rich, yet guilt-free cup of tea.

Here are the choices of Tazo® tea available for sipping at all Spa Utopia locations:

- Awake - This eye-opening black tea blend has a full, rich flavour with hints of dark caramel, malt and subtle smokiness. It's perfect with milk.

Chai - An authentic blend of rich black Indian teas and aromatic spices in the style of the hill-dwellers of the Himalayas.

Zen - A distinctly flavoured green tea accented with lemon and mint, best known for its sweet, earthy, lingering flavour.

Orange Blossom - An uplifting blend of fragrant jasmine green tea, goji berries, refreshing citrus essences and other soothing herbs, this delightful citrus-scented tea will engage and delight your senses.

Calm™ (Caffeine Free/Herbal Infusion) - This comforting blend of chamomile, rose petals and other soothing herbs has a wonderful floral bouquet with an apple-like flavour and distinct toasty notes.

Refresh™ (Caffeine Free/Herbal Infusion) - Peppermint leaves impart a creamy, chocolaty flavour combined with the bright, piercing flavour of spearmint and a touch of the licorice-like flavour of tarragon.

Passion™ (Caffeine Free/Herbal Infusion) - A bold blend of hibiscus, rose hips, sweet cinnamon, papaya and mango, this tart-yet-sweet tea may just ignite your own passions!

We look forward to serving you the Starbucks Tazo® tea flavour of your choice as part of your relaxation experience at Spa Utopia.

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