Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's almost Spring and time for a pedicure at Spa Utopia!

The clocks have been put forward, winter boots are on sale, and all the pretty sandals will soon be flooding stores in the Lower Mainland. Will your feet be ready?

Nothing says "Spring!" like the first pedicure of the year and, after a season of being stuck inside socks and heavy footwear, your feet will be more than grateful.

Although our genes are primarily responsible for the size and shape of our feet, taking good care of them contributes greatly to their overall appearance and appeal. A less-than-perfectly shaped foot can look more aesthetically pleasing when well cared for, than one that is dainty but dry-looking, rough and calloused.

To help your feet look fabulous for their springtime debut, Spa Utopia offers three pedicures: the Classic Express, Signature, and Exclusive.

The Classic Express 50-minute pedicure concentrates on foot essentials, including detailed grooming of the toenails, cuticles and soles, to promote good health. A light application of foot mousse to hydrate winter-dry feet is followed with CHI ceramic nail lacquer (see below) or a buffing.

Our very popular 60-minute Signature pedicure provides detailed grooming, with a mineral salt exfoliation to reveal fresher skin and promote hydration. This is followed by a relaxing foot and leg massage, and the application of CHI ceramic nail lacquer, or buffing.

Spa guest Adrianna enjoys a pedicure with Mila

The 75-minute Exclusive pedicure provides the same detailed grooming, in addition to the application of alphahydroxy acids to dissolve and remove the dead skin that tends to build up around the sides and on the soles of the feet. Following a special leg treatment and foot-to-knee tension-relieving massage, your feet further benefit from a PerfectSense paraffin infusion mask, before your toenails are treated to CHI ceramic nail lacquer, or buffed.

A PerfectSense paraffin infusion mask may be added to the Classic Express and Signature pedicures (and is included in the Exclusive pedicure). The mask comprises medical grade paraffin, with multiple minerals and 11 vitamins, and invigorating essences of eucalyptus, mandarin, orange, spearmint and peppermint. The mask increases hydration and helps ease tired and achy joints, and is a much-loved part of Spa Utopia pedicures and manicures.

Why CHI ceramic nail lacquer?
Spa Utopia believes that, not only must a nail polish look good on your toes, it must also maintain them in the best of health. Our entire pedicure procedure is governed by the strictest attention to hygiene and sanitation, and this includes the very last detail: nail polish!  CHI is available in a wide array of colours and finishes, and is free from harmful ingredients such as formaldehyde, toluene and DPB. It is durable and long lasting, due to the inclusion of Ceramic 44, and contains silk for brilliant shine. Nano silver has been added to the formula to protect against bacteria and fungi. (Best of all, it will look stunning on your toes...)

Stop Press! Spa Utopia now has CHI Spring Collection, Secret Fantasy. Colours shown are - Sunny Romance of Saint TropezSalsalita Y Margarita, My Secret Fetish, Passionate Kiss, Picnic in Central Park, Double Fisted Fucshia, In Between the Sheets, and Midnight Rendezvous.

Of course, you can purchase CHI nail polish and treatments from the retail store at Spa Utopia and through our Online Store.

A full complement of foot care products
We at Spa Utopia pride ourselves on bringing to you some of the best foot care treatments available today. These include moisturizers and specialized treatments by FootLogix (the brand we use during our pedicure services). So whether you have dry feet with cracked heels, need an anti-fungal treatment for under and around the nails, or simply want a targeted treatment to keep your feet well moisturized, we have you covered!  FootLogix products are available in our retail stores and Online Store. (A 10% discount will apply to any FootLogix product purchased through our online shopping cart up until March 31. Please use promo code FOOT10.)

To book a spring pedicure, please contact your local Spa Utopia, or alternatively book online using our convenient booking service.


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