Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Spa Utopia introduces Bella Contour

As featured in InStyle magazine

Non-surgical body contouring—also known as body sculpting—has become increasingly popular in recent years. It allows a person to smoothe cellulite, reduce pregnancy fat, enjoy tighter skin and achieve smaller body circumferences, without diet or exercise and without invasive surgical techniques like liposuction.
You can trust Spa Utopia to bring you the very latest treatments to help you reach your ideal body shape. But first, we must be sure that the treatments we offer are both comfortable, safe and effective.

This is why we have been watching the Bella Contour non-invasive cellulite and fat reduction treatment system very closely... and are now making this exciting new service available to you.

Bella Contour offers the ultimate body contouring experience—non-invasive, painless circumference reduction that delivers real, measurable results from the first session!

One thing that none of us can achieve through diet and exercise alone is losing fat inches where we need to. But now this is possible. Safe and painless Bella Contour technology and body contouring allows you to target stubborn fat below the neck, including the abdomen, hips, buttocks and thighs. So women can say goodbye to unsightly muffin tops and men to love handles and excess fat deposits on the pectoral (breast) area, as well as diminish annoying fatty tissue elsewhere on the body. Even better, say thousands of happy Bella Contour customers, is the fact that skin texture is significantly enhanced, and the orange-peel texture of cellulite greatly reduced.

This client achieved a 5cm loss in body circumference
after just five sessions.

So how exactly does this impressive reduction treatment work?

Bella Contour employs three distinct technologies to help you achieve targeted fat loss: resonant ultrasound, interferential (electric field) therapy and vacuum massage. The treatment stimulates fat cells, causing them to release fatty acids which are then removed from the body as part of the natural metabolism. This mimics the natural physiological processes that occur during exercise. The difference is, the Bella Contour targets specific zones, allowing you to choose where you lose inches. The procedure is completely painless and the device FDA and CE approved. Best of all, it has been shown to achieve a reduction in body circumference of at least 4cm in 92 per cent of clients, with recorded losses of up to 16 cm.
The Bella Contour

We at Spa Utopia are so sure you will be thrilled with your results, that we guarantee them. Financing is available through Medicard, on approved credit. You can read more about Bella Contour here (and link to Medicard if you wish).


Be sure to watch for our eBlast the morning of Tuesday, January 17, for our special introductory offer:

Introductory Bella Contour session regular cost $375 (before taxes)

Special pricing $150 (before taxes)
(a savings of 60%).
This offer is only available for a limited time.

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