Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Introducing Orly GELFX™ vitamin-infused gel manicure system

Tired of nail polish that just doesn't last? We feel your pain—especially when your freshly-painted nails, as dry as you think they are, dive into your purse to help you find your lipstick and re-emerge smudged beyond recognition and covered with a layer of lint. We've all been there—and that's precisely why Orly invented the GELFX™ vitamin infused gel manicure system.

Orly's popular nail lacquers and are free from unpleasant ingredients like toluene, DBP and formaldehyde. We know you'll just love the selection of colours, whether your style is classical/sophisticated or trendy/fun.

During your GELFX manicure, your nails will be treated with a three-in-one vitamin-infused cleanser, primer and basecoat. (The vitamins include theantioxidants A and E and pro-vitamin B5 to help promote healthy keratin and protect the structure of the natural nail). This revolutionary formula nourishes your nails with ingredients that promote durability, strength and shine. After your chosen colour has been applied, it is cured in a non-UV, LED device. Finally, your nail colour will be followed with a topcoat to preserve the high gloss finish, and again cured for superior durability.

Spa guests who have tried GELFX™ have been thrilled by its high shine and the fact their manicures don't chip or flake. They have also commented about the fine appearance and lack of  "plasticky" effect common to some nail gels. Most of all, they are impressed with the durability, and the fact they don't have to worry about their nails for a very long time! 

The GELFX system is perfect for brides and in advance of a  special occasion or vacation. Although most guests tell us it lasts over two weeks, we guarantee it for four days.

A special offer just for you

Be sure to watch for our eBlast the morning of Tuesday, May 1, for our special offer:

1 GELFX manicure

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