Friday, September 20, 2013

It's a common mistake...

Many thanks to Danika Powell for  contributing to our blog this month. Danika is a Professional Makeup Artist at Spa Utopia in North Vancouver. She sees many spa guests each day, many of whom are surprised to know that SPF is necessary all year long to prevent damage from the suns harmful rays, even when days are shorter and darker. The hot summer sun may be gone but damage can still occur unexpectedly if you're not prepared. 

So, get out and enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors, year round... just be sure to take this advice from Danika:

It's a common mistake to forget to protect your skin as fall approaches and the temperature starts to cool off. The truth is our skin needs protection against the sun 365 days of the year!  Even on a cloudy day, about 40% of the sun’s UV radiation reaches us.  An even more alarming fact is that approximately 80% of the skin’s aging is caused by the sun. It only takes a minute or two to apply- so get yourself protected!

What type of SPF is right for me?
Chemical vs Physical Sunscreens:
Chemical sunscreens react with your skin to absorb rays and convert them into energy before they can harm your skin.  Proderm’s Facial Day Cream/Fluid SPF 20 as well as their SPF 60 creams are a perfect chemical sunscreen.  Not only do they offer you broad spectrum SPF, they also contain antioxidants, natural soothing agents, and high quality moisturizers.
Physical sunscreens include two ingredients: zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Together, these ingredients sit on top of your skin and reflect the sun’s rays. Jane Iredale’s Purepressed mineral foundation works wonders as a physical sunscreen and a multi-purpose product.  A highly pigmented foundation, powder, concealer, and broad spectrum SPF 20 all in one...what more could you ask for?

People often ask me, "Will I get more protection if I layer my sunscreens on top of one another?" Unfortunately the answer is no. If you put a SPF 30 over a SPF 15, you still have SPF 30. If you put a SPF 15 over SPF 30, you still have SPF 30.

There are many options available, just be sure that the sunscreen you decide to use offers broad spectrum protection so your skin is protected against the UVA and UVB rays. 

Don't forget, just protect! 
Danika Powell / Professional Make Up Artist / Spa Utopia North Vancouver

Thank you Danika for reminding us all how important it is to be conscious of protecting our skin as we begin the fall and winter season! For more advice or helpful tips be sure to stop in and speak with Danika or any of our Make Up Professionals at any Spa Utopia location.


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