Monday, June 28, 2010

Celebrate Canada at Spa Utopia with 100% Canadian Treasures Treatments

If you're a Canadian, you'll know we truly do live in The Best Place on Earth. (If you are a visitor to our country, we hope you'll forgive our sometimes overboard sense of pride...)

To celebrate the birthday of our great country, why not book one of Spa Utopia's unique 100% Canadian Treasures Treatments? These specialized treatments include West Coast Seaweed Journey, Deep Earth Mineral Voyage and Hot Chocolate Bliss.

Canadian Treasures Treatments focus on Canada's abundant and sustainable natural resources of mud, clay, salts and healing West Coast seaweeds. 

West Coast Seaweed Journey

 This treatment begins with a full body exfoliation to prepare your skin for our nourishing seaweed body wrap. British Columbia's outer sea coast is home to over 500 species of seaweed. Since sea water has a similar chemical make-up as human plasma, the body easily absorbs the rich nutrients from sea plants, including a variety of healthful vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Seaweed treatments help stimulate lymph drainage, reduce cellulite, rid the body of toxins, balance body chemistry, reduce tension and beautify the skin texture.

Next, you'll enjoy being immersed in our hydrotherapy tub to soak in skin-revitalizing seaweeds. This deeply relaxing yet energizing treatment is topped off with a soothing full body massage using our unique signature blend of oils.

Deep Earth Mineral Voyage

Following a dry loofah exfoliation, you will be treated to the gentle detoxifying and nourishing effects of a full body dark mineral clay wrap. Clay is one of nature's best detoxifiers. Its molecular structure allows it to absorb water and oil, and remove impurities and toxins from deep within the skin. In addition to its cleansing effects, our Canadian dark clay stimulates the skin's circulation, making your skin feel silky smooth, stimulated and refreshed.

After this you will enjoy a revitalizing hydro-tub session soaking in Canada's very own 4 million-year-old ancient sea salt. A full-body aroma oil Swedish Massage tops off this invigorating treatment.

Hot Chocolate Bliss

Satisfy your sweet tooth! After a natural sisal exfoliation, you will receive a deliciously warm chocolate moor mud wrap that will soothe your aches and pains and provide a deep sense of relaxation. The Canadian moor mud used by Spa Utopia is one of the rarest in the world, free from contamination and rich in mineral elements. Our moor mud helps reduce inflammation, promotes detoxification and aids sleep. Cocoa added to the mud increases your metabolism, encouraging weight loss.

Following your wrap, you will "melt" in our luxurious hydro-tub before experiencing a full body Swedish Massage.'s pure Bliss!

Watch a video of Spa Utopia Hot Chocolate Bliss treatment:

Please note that Spa Utopia will be closed Thursday, July 1, to celebrate our great country. As a thank you to our Facebook Fans and Twitter followers, you will receive a free 32 oz. bottle of 100% Canadian Pine or Chocolate Mud Bath for the month of July when you visit any Spa Utopia location to experience a 100 min. 100% Canadian Treasure Treatment. (To receive this special offer, you must quote the code provided on Facebook. The Facebook link is in the sidebar.)

Happy Canada Day!

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