Monday, July 5, 2010

It's bare legs time! Make sure they're silky smooth with Spa Utopia Comfort Zone Soft Sense Wax Treatment

It's finally summer and time to bare those legs! Make sure yours are super-smooth and soft, with a Spa Utopia Comfort Zone Soft Sense Wax Treatment.  After your waxing treatment, your skin will further benefit from the application of Soft Sense—an innovative skincare formulation rich in botanicals that both softens hair and prolongs the amount of time for regrowth to occur. (That means you'll stay silky smooth longer and maximize the benefits of the waxing...)

Spa Utopia Comfort Zone Soft Sense Wax is imported from Italy and is extremely gentle. The high titanium dioxide content allows the wax to be heated to a lower temperature, providing epilation with little redness. Our technical precision during application results in less hair breakage and discourages ingrown hairs.

Soft Sense contains water lily extract, which provides the skin with elements required to produce elastin and collagen—the supportive structures that keep it youthful and supple. Oils of sweet almond, wheat germ and jojoba work synergistically with allantoin to soothe and desensitize the skin, leaving it smooth and comfortable. Best of all, you'll notice your hair is slower to make an appearance again.

Of course, this treatment is also perfect for the bikini line. (In fact, Comfort Zone Soft Sense Wax may be applied to any area requiring epilation, including the face...)

Spa Special! For the week beginning July 5, 2010, Spa Utopia Facebook fans who use the special promotional code will receive 10% off a Comfort Zone Soft Sense Wax Treatment. (Just click on the Facebook icon in the sidebar to visit Facebook.)

Please note that a minimum growth of 1/4 inch is required for this treatment.

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