Monday, July 19, 2010

Spa Utopia is pleased to offer CHI nail polish - the gold standard in healthy nail colour that resists fading and chipping

It's summer and you'll be wanting to show off your "perfect 20" finger and toenails. You also want to make sure that the lacquer applied to your nails is as healthy as possible. Toluene, formaldehyde and DBP have recently been isolated as ingredients that may possibly be harmful to your health and you don't want to take risks. Welcome to CHI: the nail lacquer that cares as much for your well-being as your beauty.

Free from harmful ingredients, CHI exclusive ceramic nail lacquers are chip resistant, long lasting, and formulated with CHI 44 Ceramic, silk and nano silver. Available in an array of 54 truly spectacular colours and finishes, they also contain UV protection to resist fading and keep colours fresh.

The inclusion of nano silver in CHI nail lacquers eliminates bacteria and fungi to ensure your nail surfaces remain infection-free, while silk provides high-gloss shine, superior durability and ease of application. Plus, you'll love the functional bottle design with soft touch lid for enhanced grip.

Also available from Spa Utopia are CHI Treatment formulations. Each CHI Treatment product contains the safest and most innovative ingredients available today. So whether your nails are brittle and weak, uneven or rough, there is a CHI treatment (or treatments) that is perfect for you:

• Strengthener – to harden the nail plate and help prevent splitting and breakage

• Ridge Filler - to smooth out ridges and ensure a perfect base for your lacquer

• Cuticle Oil – to nourish the nail matrix for healthier nails

• Base Bonder – to enhance lacquer adhesion for longer wear

• Drying Drops – to speed dry to the touch in just 60 seconds

Spa Utopia manicures and pedicures now include the optional application of CHI ceramic nail lacquer.

Right now, at Spa Utopia, receive a FREE CHI Base/Top Coat with the purchase of any CHI nail laquer. ONLY while quantities last. 

We want you to look and be as beautiful and healthy as possible - right down to your fingers and toes!

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