Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Spa Utopia Perfect Sense Paraffin Infusion Mask a must for hands and feet.

If you are about to enjoy an Exclusive Manicure or Exclusive Pedicure at Spa Utopia, you'll experience the soothing, hydrating effects of a PerfectSense™ Paraffin Infusion Mask. You can also enjoy the benefits of a PerfectSense™ infusion as an add-on to any 75 minute spa or salon treatment.*

PerfectSense™ Paraffin Infusion Mask consists of medical grade paraffin enriched with 11 vitamins and minerals essential for healthy, vibrant skin. You will love the aroma and invigorating effects of the eucalyptus, mandarin orange, spearmint and peppermint essences present in this treatment. The infusion mask is heated to a comfortable temperature that increases circulation and helps relieve joint pain. The occlusive effect of the mask increases skin hydration for softer, more comfortable and prettier hands and feet!  Many spa members simply would not feel they had the "full" treatment without a luxurious, relaxing PerfectSense™ paraffin treatment...

*PerfectSense™ Paraffin Infusion Mask for the hands is also included in the Utopia™ Signature Facial, and may be added to any 75 minute spa or salon treatment for $25.

Don't forget!

Spa Utopia's CHI ceramic nail lacquer promotion is still available while quantities last. This is a wonderful opportunity to try the polish that cares as much for your health and well-being as your beauty, and receive a FREE Base/Top Coat.

...and there is still time to benefit from a Spa Utopia exclusive 100% Canadian Treasures body treatment and receive a FREE one-litre bottle of hydrating Spa Utopia Moor Mud Bath.

Spa Utopia wishes you a wonderful, sunny week, so you can truly show off your beautiful hands and feet!

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  1. I love CHI! So much better than the brands in Whole Foods, which wear off in a day and clump. I'm so pleased that you are carrying this excellent brand and caring for our health as well as our beauty!