Thursday, September 30, 2010

Spa Utopia Healthy Breast Care for October

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and a time for learning as much as we can about how to prevent this disease. Some of us will run for those who have been stricken with breast cancer and others will give financially or donate time to breast cancer causes. And all of us should be more "breast aware."

Although we do not know what triggers most cases of breast cancer, it is important to maintain breast awareness so that we can recognize changes and report them to the doctor. Most lumps are benign, but it is always important to report any breast changes, if nothing other than to set your mind at rest.

For the month of October, Spa Utopia encourages every woman to become more aware of her breast area and to follow the breast health program suggested by her doctor. We are also offering a savings of 15 per cent for our Healthy Breast Care treatments. (Just quote the word "PINK" when you call in to book your service.)

Spa Utopia Healthy Breast Care Massage Treatments

Almost all women experience breast tenderness or pain some time during their lives. This could be due to breast disease, injury, premenstrual symptoms such as tenderness and swelling, or following surgical procedures such as reductions or biopsies.

Spa Utopia therapeutic massage treatments for the breast area improve blood and lymphatic circulation. Our goal is to decrease pain and tenderness, improve the mobility of scar tissue and to reduce the risk of some breast diseases. Your first visit includes a consultation with a senior Registered Massage Therapist to develop a breast care treatment plan. (Practitioners who give these treatments have a minimum of 1000 hours of clinical practice and have successfully completed advanced training in breast care.)

Choose between two 80-minute Breast Health treatments: General Health Care for the Breast and Post-Surgical Breast Care.  For more information on Spa Utopia Breast Health treatments, please visit our website or call any one of our three locations.

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