Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Spa Utopia asks, how social media savvy are you? (A lighthearted quiz)

Have fun with our multiple choice questions!

1. You're just about to run out of your favourite face cream, shampoo, bath product or makeup item and you aren't planning on a Spa Utopia service for another couple of weeks. Do you:

a) Jump in the car and drive to the spa anyway. Who cares that it's raining and you have guests for dinner?

b) Decide that you'll make do with an inferior product and pick up your favourite item during your next spa visit?

c) Throw a hissy fit and cancel all engagements until you can get to the spa, or

d) Bring up the Spa Utopia online store on your laptop and place an order. Your favourite product will soon be on its way.

2. You've just decided to have a girls' night out with your BFF. Beforehand, you want to visit Spa Utopia for a mani and pedi and want to know if they can fit you in at short notice. If only your phone hadn't gone dead five minutes ago... Do you:

a) Knock on your neighbour's door and ask to use his phone? Who cares that he's tall dark and single, and your hair's in rollers.

b) Spend 20 minutes looking for your charger, and considering painting your own toenails.

c) Sulk and plan to wear gloves and boots all evening.

d) Bring up the Spa Utopia website on your iPad and conveniently book online.

3. You love being in-the-know about all the great specials at Spa Utopia. It saves you money and you feel like you're one of the privileged few. You:

a) Drop off at the spa every day at opening time and quiz the staff.

b) Don't worry about it. You'll find out from a friend when the special's over, but that's life...

c) Specials? What specials?

d) Grab your Blackberry and visit the Spa Utopia blog, Facebook and Twitter pages.

4. You've slipped up and forgotten your coworker's birthday. He's an angel but you don't have time to purchase a gift before work. You:

a) Rush out to buy a bunch of guy-flowers. You're all for originality.

b) Apologize profusely and ask him out for lunch. You just had too much on your mind.

c) Claim you were in a plane crash five years ago and have latent amnesia, or

d) Arrive at work a few minutes early, pull up the Spa Utopia website and print out a personalized Gift Certificate.

Your results:

Mostly a) Whew! You must be exhausted with all that running around. You need to book a pedicure fast (and check out the Spa Utopia website, shopping cart and social media pages when you have time...)

Mostly b) Common sense is the name of your game but you need to step out a little. Why not start with a new hairstyle from a Spa Utopia Salon? Checking out the Spa Utopia website, shopping cart and social media pages is also a good idea!

Mostly c) Oh dear... stress is clearly getting to you. You need a massage, and fast! When you get home, put your feet up and check out the Spa Utopia website, shopping cart and social media pages for light entertainment.

Mostly d) Well done! You're a social media maven and you deserve a reward. Spa Utopia would like to give you one. The first 50 people to make a purchase from the Spa Utopia online store will receive a 20% discount on any Spa Utopia Rosemary Mint or Moor Mud product. Simply enter the code BLOG20 at checkout! (Of course, even if your answers were mostly As, Bs, or Cs, you'll still qualify for this special offer...)

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