Monday, April 4, 2011

Vancouver: Spa Utopia introduces the Universal Contour Wrap for men and women!

If someone told you you could lose 20 to 30 inches in only 30 days, we're guessing you'd be hard pressed to believe them, yet this remarkable loss is now possible through the Universal™ Contour Wrap, available at Spa Utopia.

Already available in over 1000 UK spas and beloved of celebrities including Paula Abdul and Miss Canada (2009), Shannon Smadella, the Universal™ Contour Wrap is the inch loss treatment that guarantees you will  lose at least 6 inches in just two hours. (Most people lose between 10 and 14 inches.) This makes it perfect when you have to shape up for that special occasion! Best of all, the wrap does not rely on water loss to achieve its amazing results. The inches are guaranteed to stay off for at least 30 days* so that you can be confident that your fabulous new shape will remain long after you leave our spa.

The Universal™ Contour Wrap delivers more than sensational inch loss: the unique clay formula and special wrapping techniques also tone and tighten your body while exfoliating and cleansing the skin so that you'll both look and feel fabulous after just one treatment.

Special occasions or just to stay in shape

If you have a special occasion coming up, a Universal™ Contour Wrap treatment will quickly provide the results you're looking for. Many men and women have the treatment to kick start a weight management plan, and others to target a few stubborn inches.

How does it work?

The Universal™ Contour Wrap was developed  by Dr. Richard Strem, following extensive research into beneficial minerals used in spa treatments. After your measurements are taken, you will be wrapped in 30 or so elasticated bandages that have been soaked in a warm, mineral-rich clay solution. Your Spa Utopia technician will focus on the areas that most need tightening and toning, such as the thighs and buttocks for women and stomach and love handles for men.

The combination of clay and bandages help detoxify and tighten loose tissue, while compacting the areas where fat is stored. (As the bandages sculpt and tone your body, the minerals are absorbed into your skin and the clay draws out toxins.) The wrap also revitalizes the body's elastin leaving your body more toned and with measurable inch loss not attributable to loss of water. (In fact you are encouraged to drink water afterwards to lose even more inches following your treatment.)

How long does it take?

Application of the Universal™ Contour Wrap takes less than 45 minutes, after which you can relax for an hour or so while the treatment takes effect. During this relaxation time, your technician will ask you to choose a Spa Utopia Aromasoul essence to enhance your sensory experience, then cleanse and exfoliate your face and provide an enjoyable face and scalp massage. Following removal of the wraps, you will be given a fluffy robe, and spend 15 minutes in our lounge area while your skin naturally dries. (There is no need to shower following the treatment as the clay leaves the skin cleansed and feeling pleasantly smooth.) Next, you will return to the treatment room to be remeasured—and your dramatic inch loss revealed!

Who is the ideal candidate?

You are an ideal candidate for The Universal™ Contour Wrap if:

- you want immediate results for a special occasion or vacation

- you have loose skin following pregnancy or weight loss

- you want to reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks

- you have a problem area that needs a little help

- you're wanting to kick-start a weight management program

- you've "fallen off the exercise wagon" and want incentive to get back on track.

We at Spa Utopia are excited to be able to offer this exceptional treatment to our spa guests and look forward as much as you will to seeing your results. Although significant loss of inches is achieved (and guaranteed*) during your first treatment, many people feel that the most dramatic changes become apparent after the third treatment. To book your Universal™ Contour Wrap treatment, please contact your local Spa Utopia. You may read more about the treatment here.

* The Universal™ Contour Wrap is scientifically proven for instant inch loss. We guarantee you will lose at least 6" from your first treatment or have nothing to pay and, providing you do not put on weight, we guarantee you will sustain at least a 6” loss for a minimum of 30 days or receive a free treatment.**

** Double guarantee only applies to your first full body wrap.  After wrap instructions provided by your technician must be followed in full for guarantee to be valid. 

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  1. My mom deserves this opportunity because she would never buy it for herself. God bless her but her idea of pampering is a shower hehe. Shes soooo cute.