Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spa Utopia salon director stylist, James Riyad, takes Allilon course

Spa Utopia and Salon stylist, James Riyad, has just returned from a 10-day training course at the prestigious Allilon centre in London, England.

Founded in 2008, Allilon (the name  is ancient Greek for one another) specializes in producing educational hair shows and seminars exploring shape and form in haircutting techniques. The company is now recognized as the premier venue in Europe for those wishing to finely hone their skills in cutting edge hair design.

Photographs courtesy of James Riyad

For James, who is already a talented hair designer, and director of Spa Utopia salon, the 10-day intensive course provided enhanced understanding of the role each single hair has to play in the finished cut and style. "It all breaks down to math, geometry and  precision," he explains. "We are creating a shape that must look natural on a rounded object—the head—and this requires both understanding the principles of geometry and using one's innate creative flair. The result is a cut and style that not only looks spectacular, but functions as a whole because each individual hair has its job to do in the creation of shape and form."

The training course  featured one-on-one training with Allilon's famed designers, an experience James found both challenging and enjoyable.

Photograph courtesy of James Riyad

James is excited at the prospect of using his newly acquired knowledge to create stunning precision cuts for his clients. You may book an appointment with James at the Spa Utopia and Salon North Vancouver or Langley locations by calling directly: 604 539-8772 (Langley) or 604 980-3922 (North Vancouver).

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