Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mother's Day ideas from Spa Utopia

Is there anyone who deserves to be more recognized for all she does than a mother? Whether she be your own mother, a family member who is also a mom, a mom-to-be, a mom-in-law or simply someone who "has always been a mom" to you, that special lady will likely spend much of her time in "giving mode." This Mother's Day, it's time to show her how very much she is appreciated by giving something very special to her!

Most moms agree that feeling pampered for a few hours is even better than the customary Mother's Day gifts of flowers or chocolates. After all, pampering is something most mothers don't have time to experience during their busy schedules. 
Moms-to-be need that special time for themselves too. Pregnancy is both a joyful time and a tiring time as moving around with ease becomes more difficult. (Moms-to-be in their last trimester love a pedicure because reaching those toes is no longer an easy task with a baby bump in the way!)

To help you find the perfect gift for the mother/s in your life, Spa Utopia offers a number of treatments specifically for moms-to-be and new moms, as well as for "established" mothers and grandmothers. Also popular for Mother's Day is the Spa Utopia gift certificate, beautifully enclosed in a signature red envelope. (Pick up at any Spa Utopia location or buy online and request delivery) or the Spa Utopia Gift Card, with personalized photo. Just upload your photo here, choose a value, and we'll create the card for you.)

Here are our suggestions for Mother's Day:

Spa Utopia Classic Escape package

Our most popular package (approximately 2½ hours) includes:

• 50-minute Classic Swedish Full Body Massage
• 50-minute Designed for U Facial
• 50-minute Classic Express Pedicure

Read more about it here.

Spa Utopia Pregnancy Massage

For that special mom-to-be.

A massage designed for specific stages of pregnancy, with specific exercises and techniques to promote the health and stability of her body as it adjusts to all those wonderful changes!

You can read more about it here.

Spa Utopia Spa 2-gether

Enjoy special time together as you are treated to side-by-side treatments for two. This package includes:

• Two 50-minute Classic Swedish Massages
• Two 50-minute Classic Express Pedicures

You can read more about this popular package here.

Spa Utopia Indulgence

The ultimate luxury package for Mom lasts approximately 7 hours, during which she will enjoy:

•75-minute Aromatherapy Designed for U Massage
•75-minute Utopia™ Signature Facial
•75-minute Exclusive Pedicure with Paraffin Treatment
•Shampoo, Expressions Treatment & Instructional Style
•Spa Lunch

You can read more about this very special package here.

Spa Utopia Spa Royale

Approximately 7 hours of  pure bliss, including:

• 100-minute Utopia™ Royal Hydrotherapy Session
• 75-minute Exclusive Facial
• 75-minute Exclusive Pedicure with Paraffin Treatment
• Shampoo, Deep Treatment and Instructional Style
• Professional Makeup Application
• Spa Lunch

During her visit to Spa Utopia, the very special mom in your life will change into a snuggly white robe, sip a complimentary beverage of her choice— perhaps our signature Rooibos Cocktail— and put her feet up before enjoying the relaxing Spa Utopia treatment or package you have given her. She'll be pampered and cared for in that unique Spa Utopia way that says, "Thank you for being such a wonderful presence in my life."

Comment on this post this week for your chance to win a Spa Utopia Classic Escape package for the special mother in your life!

Oops! Find yourself with too little time to arrange a Mother's Day gift? Why not purchase a Spa Utopia Instant Gift Certificate? Simply choose from a selection of templates and include a special message, then email or print instantly. 

To book any of these packages, or to purchase a gift card or certificate, please visit one of our three spa locations, or visit the Spa Utopia website.


  1. My mom would absolutely love to be treated to a Spa Utopia Classic Escape Package! She loves Spa Utopia! My mom rarely pampers herself, she is always taking care of others, so surprising her with an amazing day at Spa Utopia would be so special! I am also a Twitter follower @jbinvan :)

  2. My mom would really LOVE to experience the Spa Utopia Classic Escape Package!! Last time she was there she felt soooo relaxed and enjoyed every minute she was there. You guys took awesome care of her. I'm sure she would really love this.


  3. wow!! my mom really deserves to be treated like the queen she is! over the last couple of years, she had to have surgery on both of her feet. the very moment she started to feel a little better she returned to work, working 14-16 hour days 5 days a week. she is so driven and always working hard to provide as much as she can for us. i know she is so worn out and i would love to surprise her with a day deticated to making her feel special and helping her to unwind. i know how much she would love this!
    i think it is awesome spa utopia is offering this special gift to mommas out there that really deserve it!!
    love, vanessa hill~facebook fan!~

  4. I would love for my mom to be treated to a Spa Utopia Classic Escape package! She hasn't taken any time for herself, especially these last few months as her own mother's health has been deteriorating rapidly. So here's my comment and I'll be crossing fingers in hopes to win for her! Thanks for giving the opportunity for one lucky mom to enjoy some pampering, from the best Spa ever! :)

  5. This is one of the most extravagant and eye-widening packages I have come across! My mother has been working like a labourer on the renovation of our new house, lifting heavy weights and doing more than she can bear. I can tell that her body and mind are not in the best state these days this is THE deal that would make her the happiest duck ever and give me so much joy that I gave her something that she needed so much, especially at this time. Many thanks to Spa Utopia for giving sons and daughters a chance to return so much love to their favorite person in this whole wide world. This is a great cause.

  6. My Mom deserves this so very much!!! She's had an incredibly tough few years and I would love to show her how much she means to me. She's 41 years old and just lost her best friend and her own mom to cancer within a few months of each other. Mothers Day last year was really tough for her because her mom died just weeks before and although I got her flowers and told her how much she meant to me, nothing I could do could help her with the pain and loss I know she was feeling inside. She's the greatest mom and she's my best friend and I'm everything I am today because of her. She's really shown me what strength and love and family are all about ... being able to hold the hand of two people that she loved in this world and comfort them in their final hours, now THAT is an incredible woman. And doing this all while raising two (amazing!) kids by herself and giving us what we need. I'm still a starving student :) and I just can't afford to spoil her with something like this ... not just yet anyhow ... so PLEASE pick her!!!!

  7. When I think about all the things that my mom has done for me over the years, a Mother’s Day Spa Utopia Classic Escape Package is just one small gift of repayment. How many loads of laundry has she washed? How many dinners has she made from scratch only to be told that I've already ate? How many cupcakes made for school parties and bake sales has she meticulously decorated? How many dance recitals, or band rehearsals,has she sat through with a proud beaming smile even though I know she was bored to tears? For all the times my mom has had to say “clean your room, brush your teeth and do your homework!” my mom deserves a break!

    Please pick my mom for this wonderful spa package! Spa Utopia is the BEST spa ever!

  8. I would love to give my mom this package!!!! I would be so happy to know she is happy and taking time for herself as she rarely treats herself to anything. Growing up with my mom being a single parent, I think she has done a very good job raising us children, and she always figured out a way to be there for us, live in a safe neighborhood, clothe us, and put put on the table. I recall her cleaning houses as a second job just to make sure we got Christmas presents and new clothing. She was always there when we can home from school. As an adult now, and me being a single parent, I didn't know all the things she had to do or how hard it was for her until now. I apprieciate the many things she has done for us, and would love to give her this gift.

  9. I'd love to give my mom this gift! She's been a huge help lately as I've been on medical leave waiting for my twins to arrive. She painted our nursery, held our shower, and is always helping us out when we need it. And I'm sure she'll be helping lots when the babies are here, so I would love to give her this as a 'thank you' and allow her to spend some time focused on herself!

  10. This is THE best mother's day deal I have across. I would be immersed in joy if I won this for my mom. She has recently experienced immense emotional trauma in her life and to make things tougher, she has to work difficult night shifts everyday these days. I am very worried about her and due to this I do perform gestures that genuinely state that I care about her, such as cooking for her and doing most of the chores at home. However, I still do feel that the kind of pampering she needs is the kind that is offered at top notch spas, which I definitely cannot afford. If I win this package, I would love to see the smile on my mother's face when she returns from her Spa visit to Spa Utopia <3

  11. This is awesome! I would love to give my mom this gift because she works so hard and has done everything in her life to make my life better. She is an amazing woman who is so selfless and deserves to be treated like a Queen for a day! Thanks Spa Utopia!

  12. My mom definitely deserves this! She's amazing. She works SO hard for everyone and gives everything she's got to whoever needs it. She's a nurse, a business owner, a mom, a daughter, a grandma, and a sister....and she's amazing at ALL those jobs. I would love to treat her to this wonderful day :)

  13. By far, Spa Utopia is the BEST spa I have ever been to. It's my happy place! It makes me relax, enjoy my time and take a deeeeepppp breath. Thank you Spa Utopia!

  14. What a great package..hope we win :0)

  15. Although she isn't 'my' Mom, I would love to give this Spa Utopia package to my wife on behalf of my 16 month old daughter and my unborn son (@28 weeks). Despite being pregnant and working she never complains and always provides my daughter with fun-loving energy (even though I know how exhausted she is). Please consider her for this package as she could certainly use some rest and relaxation.

  16. I haven't taken my mom out for a while. She is taking care of my grandma 24/7 and also help me with my 34 month old and my 9 month old children when I need a break.. She never gets a break. So we are planning our annual Utopia treatment but it would be nice to surprise her with a spa package!

  17. What an awesome mini vacation....

  18. My wife is a super mom to our 2 daughters! She works full time, takes care of her own mom who just had knee replacement surgery & her dad who is going through chemo for colon cancer. She's always looking at the bright side and never complains! She keeps laughing & smiling & everyone cheerful! She is a super role model to our girls! She deserves a trip to the spa!!

  19. I always knew that my Mum rocked,but now as I am expecting my first baby, I am seeing how much more awesome my mum is!! I would love to win this package for her! What a fantastic way to say thanks for all she has done and get a head start on thanks for the future!!

  20. Wow that sounds amazing my mom would love it. The atmosphere in Spa Utopia makes me never want to leave.

  21. I underestimated what it took to be a Mom until I had kids of my own. Now, not only does my Mom give me love, support and laughter, she does it for my kids as well. In fact, she has graciously volunteered to come and babysit for 2 nights while my husband and I get away for the weekend (our first trip since having kids!). She could definitely use some spa recovery time when we get back :) Thank you Spa Utopia for donating this to one deserving Mom! And thank you to my Mom for being so amazing! Happy Mothers Day!!!

  22. Very ideal for moms. Our moms just need extra rest and of course a spa. I can't think of any best revitalizing idea except spa. Spa just cools and refreshes my body and soul.
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