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Will you be a bride this summer?

Will you be taking that magical walk down the aisle this summer? If so, you're probably as busy as can be with organizing all that has to be done for your very special day. 

Unfortunately, many brides-to-be become so caught up with all the selecting, ordering and other activities that take place before the wedding date that they forget to take a little time off to ensure they are both beautiful and relaxed-looking on the day they say "I do."  As a result, the feet that slip into those oh-so-pretty pumps are often less soft than desirable, and facial skin might be reflecting the stress they are experiencing.
So for all those soon-to-be brides, here's a list of services/treatments you might want to book before your

A Spa Utopia pedicure. 

If your feet are still suffering from a long spring spent in boots, they will likely benefit from a pedicure now and every three weeks or so until just before your wedding day. If the wet weather persists, be sure to wear thin socks to keep them from rubbing on the inside of boots and developing calluses or corns.
Choose from our Utopia™ Signature pedicure, Classic Express pedicure or Exclusive Utopia™ pedicure with paraffin infusion mask.

Utopia™ Signature Pedicure:
Our Signature Pedicure is designed with precise toenail, cuticle and sole grooming care. A mineral salt exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells and remineralize the skin, promoting hydration. A slow comforting foot and leg massage will assist with dissolving bridal stress and tension. Toenails are either polished or buffed to finish.

Exclusive Utopia Pedicure:
A blend of alphahydroxy acids work to exfoliate and soften the skin and a hand massage helps you relax fully. You will enjoy precise toenail, cuticle and sole grooming care as well as a leg treatment to increase circulation and give you a light and fresh sensation. This is followed by a tension-relieving massage from the foot to the knee. Afterwards, you will further benefit from a PerfectSense paraffin infusion mask and your toenails will be polished or buffed for a flawless finish.

Classic Express Pedicure:
Our classic pedicure allows you to benefit from foot grooming essentials. Your toenails, cuticles and soles
are cared for with detailed grooming that promotes good health. You will enjoy a light application of  foot mousse for exceptional hydration. Your pedicure will end with a refined polish or buff.

You can read more about our pedicures here.

A Spa Utopia facial

When you are stressed, your skin can become extra sensitive to breakouts. (It's why we always seem to develop the world's worst blemish before a hot date.) A facial can help calm your skin, and encourage a beautiful radiance on your wedding day.

Designed for U Facial:
Choose between our 50 minute Classic Facial and 75 minute
Exclusive Facial.

Designed For U Classic facial therapies target skin health. Soft essences provide sensorial escapes. A personalized skin care therapy plan is designed for continued care.

Designed for U Exclusive facial therapies rebalance your skin, promoting wellness with detailed attention. Massage for the face, neck and décolleté, and calming scalp/foot massage techniques induce a feeling of tranquility. We complement this facial with a skin care therapy plan specifically designed for continued care.

Utopia™ Signature Facial with PerfectSense paraffin infusion hand mask
Our signature 75-minute facial uses heated gem stones and Japanese facial therapy techniques to increase blood circulation. This increases the health of your skin and releases muscle tension to help you fully relax. As a result, your skin will better absorb and utilize the many skin-perfecting ingredients in the high quality products used during this highly beneficial facial. As a bonus, your hands will be treated to a PerfectSense paraffin infusion.

Designed for U Anti-Aging Facial
This 75-minute facial begins with an analysis of the skin to determine how best to tailor a combination of products to provide your skin with the biggest anti-aging impact possible. Our careful choice of highly effective products will help provide deeper exfoliation, lessening of wrinkle depth, firmer skin tissue, clarity of complexion, and reduced discolouration of the skin.

You can read more about our facials here.

A specialized Spa Utopia back treatment

Does your wedding dress have a low back? If so, you'll want the skin of your back to look perfect. (In fact, you'll want it to look perfect even if your dress isn't low...)

A Spa Utopia Back Zone Care treatment will provide you with 50 minutes of  relaxation as your back—an area that is difficult to reach and care for—receives a gentle exfoliation that helps remove the build-up of dead skin cells. Ocean nutrients and minerals help eliminate toxins and soothe any irritation while promoting beautiful skin clarity.

You can read more about this treatment here.

A relaxing Spa Utopia massage

Admit it. Although you're loving planning and preparing for your big day, you're also stressed—and stress just isn't good for you.

To alleviate pre-wedding stressors, Spa Utopia offers a number of relaxing massage treatments that will reduce anxiety and foster peace of mind.

Our massage/body treatments include:

Utopia™ Royal Massage
A 100-minute "royal" treatment, this Swedish massage includes warm towel wipes that increase circulation to the skin, warm stones placed on the back that provide deep penetrating heat to back muscles, steam to the face and scalp to calm common tension areas and a relaxation massage that pays extra attention to the face, scalp and feet in order to ease achy muscles, reduce anxiety and give you a calm peace of mind.

Utopia™ Siesta Massage
This 75-minute full body Swedish massage session uses our signature Siesta Massage oil blend, and prepares you for a restful and restorative sleep. Gentle soothing techniques, hypnotic fragrances, and a relaxing face and scalp massage quieten the mind.

Utopia™ Signature Massage
During this popular 75-minute massage, hot stones warm the tissues, warm towels stimulate circulation and a unique foot massage helps relax tired, achy muscles. You'll relax deeply as essential aroma-oil blends and your therapist's gently soothing hands will leave you feeling renewed and ready to face the day.

You can read about these, and other Spa Utopia massages including our super-relaxing Aromatherapy massages here.

The Universal Contour Wrap

If shaping up fast is in your plans, you'll be thrilled with the long-lasting results of the Universal Contour Wrap.

A unique and effective blend of mineral rich clay and specific body wrapping techniques help cleanse and detoxify your body while actively compressing soft fatty tissues to create instant and lasting inch loss. While wrapped, you'll relax with a cleanse, exfoliation and massage for the face plus a soothing scalp massage.

Eliminating toxins is a great way to kick start a dietary change or maintain a healthy body. Plan ahead and prepare your body for your wedding day.

This wrap is scientifically proven for instant inch loss. We guarantee you will lose at least 6" from your first treatment or have nothing to pay and providing you do not put on weight we guarantee you will sustain at least a 6" loss for a minimum of 30 days or receive a free treatment. (Double guarantee only applies to your first full body wrap. After wrap instructions must be followed in full for guarantee to be valid.)

Although Spa Utopia cannot personally handle all those little details associated with the planning and preparation for your wedding, we can help you handle them, by providing treatments to increase relaxation and calm. Closer to that magical day, we can help you and your family and friends prepare by sharing time together during a Spa Utopia The Picture Perfect Bridal Party package or you alone during our The Beautiful Bride package.

You can read more about our Special Occasion packages here.

For more information, or to book any of these treatments, please contact your local Spa Utopia, or book conveniently online.

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