Friday, August 10, 2012

The Beauty of Water

Water: it is 60% of what we are made of and covers 70% of the world’s surface. It has many therapeutic properties, a plethora of uses, and is paramount to our survival. It is clean, pure, and refreshing – but it might not be depending on your water bottle.

As we all know, it is important to drink water every day, but it is just as important to ensure you are getting it from the right source. All of the plastic bottles, and even many of the reusable containers, contain dangerous chemicals that can leach into our water and lead to health conditions. The term BPA has now become common place in our social dialogue and many people are concerned about its effects on themselves and their families.  This has led many people to forgo the plastic bottles which do harm to our bodies and the earth. But how does one get water on the go? Green enthusiasts everywhere can now rejoice: the bkr® bottle is here.

No more plastic water bottles, no more environmental damage, the bkr® bottle is made of one of the earth’s most remarkable materials – glass. These beautiful and ergonomic glass water bottles are chemical free and great for the environment as the glass and its protective silicone sleeve are both 100% recyclable. Not to be outdone, these stylish bottles come in an array of eye catching colours. Check out the new summer colours at any of our spa locations: yellow, neon coral, bright purple, apple green and tropical blue. You will want to proudly display the bkr® bottle in your kitchen, mount it on your bike, or carry it with you on your next walk.

These lovely bottles might be made of glass but that doesn’t mean they are too fragile for daily use! Just listen to the story from our beloved Marketing Director: she loves her bkr® bottle and takes it with her everywhere. Recently, after enjoying an afternoon of cycling with her husband, the couple mounted their bicycles on their truck for the return trip home. As they did, she rested her trusty companion, the bkr® bottle, on the truck’s bumper. 
Satisfied from the bike ride, they set about their drive home by traversing ten minutes across the freeway and then climbing the long, steep hill up to their mountain side house. Quenched, she reached for her bkr® bottle and immediately realized she had left it on the bumper. She turned to her husband, and hoping it had somehow found a soft landing in the grass, asked him to drive back to the park to retrieve it. As the devoted husband he is, he turned around, patiently as ever, and began to drive but then suggested to her that maybe she should check the bumper, to which she exclaimed “seriously, there is no way it will still be there!” But just to appease him, she hopped out of the truck and ran back to the bumper – and there it was! Her husband was likely just as surprised as she was when she returned to the passenger seat drinking from her bottle.

Of course, her story doesn't end there. As any creature of habit will do, she returned her bkr® bottle to the bumper as she unloaded the bikes from the bike rack. As she lifted the truck’s hatch to retrieve their helmets, the door knocked her bkr® bottle to the sloped, paved driveway and it was all she could do to watch her bkr® roll away from her...and then stop, perfectly intact, at the driveway’s edge. Not only had her bkr® bottle managed to stay glued to the bumper for their drive home but it then survived a fall in the end. Even though she could rest assured that her bkr® would be replaced if it should break, she grew even more fond of her treasured, and remarkable, bkr®.

Come to Spa Utopia Health & Wellness Center today and choose a bkr® bottle for your own adventure! Because whether it is at your desk, in your car, or out in nature’s playground, it is always important to stay hydrated. Remember to be kind to your body and yourself by drinking lots of water from a clean and chemical free source. We only have one body, and one earth, and we need to be good to both!

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