Friday, August 3, 2012

"The Utopians" Complete Rush!

We are pleased to present this week's guest blogger - Stephanie from our North Vancouver location - and the story of her team's spa adventure:

On Saturday June 23, our Spa Utopia Health & Wellness Center North Vancouver team members Diane (General Manager) and Stephanie (Assistant Spa Manager) took to the streets of Vancouver to compete in RUSH - The Race and Urban Scavenger Hunt in support of the BC Lung Association.

It all began with a friendly challenge from fellow Spa team member Tom (Massage Department Head). The contest: enter the 6 hour charity race around the city and just TRY to beat "Team Turtle"   (Tom and his fiancĂ©, Billie, a former Spa employee). Diane and Steph never back down from a challenge...and so it was on!

  In the days leading up to the race there was a buzz in the staff room at the Spa. Fundraising efforts were underway (which included homemade marshmallow sales - yum yum!) and you couldn't miss the friendly banter between the teams. Spa employees were rallying behind "The Utopians", who adopted the unofficial name "Team Beat Tom!"

 The morning of the race "The Utopians" were fired up and ready to decipher clues to help them complete 10 Checkpoint Challenges at unknown locations throughout the city. All of the challenges of the day were designed to test teams' limits, both mentally and physically, while also being fun and entertaining.

 Throughout the day "The Utopians" raced around Vancouver by foot and public transit, completing 10 challenges as they went - mixing drinks, solving a murder mystery, partaking in a boot camp, testing their math skills, participating in their very own Hunger Games - and much more! They worked together as a team and RUSHED through the finish line with mere seconds remaining!

  While "Team Turtle" crossed the finish line first (they placed 8th out of 140 teams!), BOTH teams were winners. Team work, community involvement, and having fun is important for all staff at Spa Utopia - and that's what this day was all about!

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