Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Happy New Year DREAM TEAM!

WOW…what a way to kick start a new year!

The energy in the spas this week is incredible! Our Managers, Skin Care Therapists, Make Up Artists and Hair Designers  have just completed an intensive and all-inspiring, knock your socks off CHAMP CAMP with the awesome, dedicated coaches from Inspiring Champions.( Lauren, Lance, Heather, Rachaun and Paul..."we love you guys" - welcome to our family!)

It was an amazing 3 days, with over 100 Spa Utopia super stars! We poured our hearts out, dug deep inside our souls, found meaning and inspiration, shared stories, struggles and frustrations…..we teamed up, offered support and gained strength and confidence from each other. We cried and we laughed, we stumbled and we DANCED… and we barely slept, if at all!
I sensed a common, burning desire from everyone who attended the camp - and that is to deliver an unforgettable spa experience to each and every guest…to lead and live a balanced and happy life, to be present and enjoy the moment, to be accountable, passionate and committed.

Each team member at Spa Utopia has a story and a dream. They’ve earned their wings and now it’s time to fly!

We’re so excited for our Massage Therapy teams to go through Champ Camp this week, followed by our Guest Services Representatives at the end of February!

Happy New Year DREAM TEAM!

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