Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Family Day

At Spa Utopia we often hear the word FAMILY being used to describe the feelings we have toward our team members. We spend a lot of time together. We’re a diverse group of people who offer one another all the things that a FAMILY should;
 strength, support, advice, nourishment, friendship, love…

Your FAMILY may be near or far, large or small, boring,
 loud or crazy. You may be a single parent with teenagers
 or you may have a dog and a cat whom you consider your FAMILY
Perhaps you have a new born baby or an aging grandparent
 that you've been aching to spend precious time with.

FAMILIES are great…they’re the glue, the ‘super’ glue that
 keeps us all connected, through thick and thin. 

All Spa Utopia locations will be closed on Monday February 11th, 2013 to celebrate BC's first official Family Day Holiday

Whatever your FAMILY looks like, we hope you take time to enjoy 
your day and the people in your life!

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